Budapest Guide 2: Kiraly & around

Januar 15, 2018 by Sarah Moniri


Living at a city for 9 month makes you automatically a food expert in this particular city. Everytime you walk through the city, there is a new restaurant to discover or another café with delicious cake.


  1. The Sweet. If my mind would be a cake store it would definitely look like this. White wooden furniture in a vintage used look all around the place, pastel flowers, delicious cake and a beautiful old building.  IMG_9066

  2. Laura Virag - flower store. I think The sweet, Laura Virag and Vintage Garden have the same owner(?) cause they all have a similar style. One of the most beautiful flower bouquets I have ever seen and the inside of the store is just mind-blowing.



3. Vintage Garden. The last one of this beautiful trio. 


4. Retrock- vintage store. If I will ever throw a great gatsby themed party this will be my go-to store. They have beautiful jeans jackets and unique clothing. 


5. Mazel Tov - The fist time I've tried jewish food was here and I've absolutely loved it! Shakshuka & Labneh? Yes please! IMG_2749

The beautiful bar of Mazel Tov! 


6. Nana's - Hungarian designer store. 


7. Szimpla - it's mostly a tourist attraction but I love the farmer market on sunday mornings!


8. Karaván - food truck court 

9. 2 spaghi - homemade pasta 

10. Burger & Pasta bar 

11. naspolya nassolda - vegan café

12. La Bodeguita Del Medio - mexican lunch menu 

13. Kupplung - bar

14. Troféa Grill - all you can eat buffet

Have fun in Budapest!!!



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