How to reduce your phone time.

Januar 24, 2018 by Sarah Moniri


Reduce your phone time

I think smart phones are one of those bittersweet things : they brought many advantages with 'em but just as much disadvantages. It makes me sad to see my brother spending almost all of his time on his phone sending random t-shirt pictures via snapchat to keep „the flames alive“.
This things aren’t made to loose track of the real world…
So here are a few of my tips (I’m still struggling sometimes) to have a good balance between reality and the virtual world:

1. Keep the ringtone loud - I constantly look at my phone to check if somebody texted me and I automatically go on instagram - why shouldn’t I? Instead of keeping my ringtone loud, I rather look at my phone every now and then which is just a waste of time.

2. Try to leave it out of your room when you sleep - I often hear that people check their phone when they wake up during the night - the light will make them energetic and they'll have a hard time falling back to sleep. Keeping your phone out of the room will help you to avoid this problem.

3. Read before you sleep - The light of your phone wakes you up so naturally it’s not really good  to look at your phone before you fall asleep, reading a book however makes you sleepy.

4. Moment App - A friend recently recommended me this app which keeps track of your phone time. I have days where it’s over 3 hours (very bad) but most of the time it’s around 1: 30. Anytime I see that my time is already over an hour, I try to put it away for the rest of the day. Actual seeing the amount of time you spent on your phone is like a slap in the face.

5. Leave it at home when you go out - Okay this is hard when you have responsibilities but if you are just meeting a friend this is the perfect opportunity to spent some real quality time.

6. Leave it in your bag - Let’s say you need to have your phone with you cause you are expecting an urgent call or text. This doesn’t mean you have to keep it in your hand! Leave it loud in your back so you want check your phone randomly in the middle of dinner with friends !


Join this challenge and get back to reality!


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