Student Life: 4 Tips to survive Examination Session

Januar 11, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

So, okay I totally see why we need exams - we wouldn't study sh** if it wasn´t for exams. Your effort has to be graded and people who are not giving a f***(gosh so many bad words) need a slap in the face. It´s all cool -really - but exam season is just not the most joyful time of your year. To make it more bearable, I would like to share my tips!



1.PLAN A "BIG" REWARD BEFORE YOUR EXAM SESSION EVEN STARTS. I feel like it keeps you more motivated, hardworking and determined. You are not only studying in order to pass, you are also studying for your reward. 


Last year I planned Budapest and Las Vegas for my vacation (2 weeks) and it really kept me going! Retakes are always directly after the semester break so failing wasn't an option. Also, my father told me since I'm a toddler that I should always pass first try otherwise I'll be so stressed(#middleeasternparents) but to be honest he's right.



2. LITTLE REWARDS AFTER EVERY TEST/EXAM. This. is. so. important. It doesn't have to be anything special it's just a refreshing change for your daily life. You can´t go back to your desk after you've had an exam, you need this 1-2 hour break to let your mind and body reenergize. After biochemistry this week we went out for brunch or next week after physio we are going to the lord of the rings concert in Wroclaw. Going to a café or restaurant is sometimes the key to regain new energy.  IMG_1527

3.HAVE A HOBBY. You need something that balances you, something that makes you relieve your stress and calms you. For me it´s a combination of photography, work-outs, baking, reading & now also blogging. No-one is studying 24/7 and some people rather spent their free time on their phone(that´s okay) but a hobby actual fulfills you and makes you forget the world around you. 


4.FOR GOD'S SAKE GO OUTSIDE!!  I'm always doing the same mistake - when nothing makes sense anymore and I have a sensory overload, I'd rather sit in front of my book(or phone)& go mental than go for a walk and get some fresh air. It's so important to use your time wisely and spending time on your phone won't make you learn faster or understand better. I'm not saying that going outside is the solution when you are stuck, it's just nice to catch a breath of air and maybe get a tea/coffee on your way home.

So that's all you can do except being with your friends, support each other and don't stress too much. There are far more important things in life than an exam(not for my dad though). 




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