Budget your life.

März 14, 2018 by Sarah Moniri


Fact: When you are a student you need your parents support. Maybe you are working besides school/uni/college but I haven’t found a possibility to make money besides my studies. I live in a country where I don’t speak the language - so working in a cafe is not an option, I dont get paid for internships and I don’t know which other opportunites I have. So I started developing a better system with my parents this year:

1.Rent, before we started looking for an apartment I discussed the max. rent I’m allowed to pay.
2.Living, I count into this budget food, gym, uni stuff, my blog, my ouifresh (!!!) box and activities like movies or dance classes.
3. Travel, ah this is sth. new for me. I started having a travel budget in 2018 and I really don’t want to be one cent above it. So far, I traveled Dublin and Budapest and two weekend, one spontaneous and a las vegas trip are on the list this year( I still have to travel 2 countries this year in order to traveled 50% of the world with 50). Oh man I hope this budget will be enough.
4. Shopping, I’ll have 4 shopping periods this year and I count EVERYTHING I don’t need to „survive“ into it ( so books dont count haha). Starting from essential oils and ending in stationary.

My dream job would be to work for a blog besides having my blog. I really want to save some money for new camera gear and more e-courses. 

- Sarah 

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