How to travel as a student(budget friendly).

März 31, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

I'm a homebody. I love my city and I love being at home buuuut traveling relaxes and inspires me the most. I talked in another post about my travel budget this year and now I want to show you how I'll not be above it: 


  1. Don't choose your destination  - gives you the opportunity to choose your departure airport and time of travel without picking your destination. The cheapest offers will appear at the top and gives you the perfect prospect to travel to countries you normally never would have visit. I went to Ireland because it was the cheapest flight available in february (40 euros) and its one of my favorite places now. 
  2. Blind Booking - always fun and cheap!! (german website) and are my go to blind booking websites. I went to Belgium in 2015 and the part before you know where you will travel to is so much fun!
  3. Visit your family! - This may sound a little selfish but it's really not meant to be. To maintain a good relationship with your family abroad is important and you'll get to know a new culture. I'm traveling to my family in the U.S every year and seeing them is so specia. Growing up with another culture I got to experience was just a nice side effect. 
  4. Sign up for secret websites - secret escapes or scotts cheap flights are true miracles. You sign up for them and they will find flaws in the system ( this only lasts for a couple of hours). The only negative aspect: you have to be spontaneous. 
  5. Study abroad - well known fact that studying abroad can give you so much. My boyfriend lived in croatia and poland in just a year!
  6. Work in another country - I know that there are many countries where you can teach kids( in case your major is in that direction) or look for options for your major. I know that you can do some medical internships in developing countries like Sri Lanka or check out this website. 
  7. Go to not so favorable countries - Let's take Europe for example. Everybody wants to go to Spain or France but east europe has one of the prettiest citys in my opinion ( and they are so much cheaper). So try something new and go to places no one would go. 


Hope this we'll help you! 

-xo Sarah


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