Natural Beauty: Make -up

Mai 16, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

I started switching my beauty products from toxic to non-toxic/vegan last year september. step by step. one product at the time. I really don’t want to be preachy here but „normal“ beauty products contain harmful substances which can cause hormonal imbalance, fertility problems and cancer. It doesn’t mean you’ll get cancer or become infertile if you use toxic cosmetic- there is just a greater chance.
I decided that I want to nourish my body as good as possible. Besides regular exercise, a healthy diet and a happy being, natural beauty is also a huge plus.
You can substitute EVERYTHING. Seriously I don’t feel the difference.


Bronzer: Since my roommate/bestie showed me the 3 shaped bronzing trick, I'm a fan! You look so sun kissed and healthy. This bronzer is from Vita Liberate and it's just as good as any toxic bronzer. 

Concealer: I'm a 100% pure fan. They have a german website which makes it even better. This concealer covers dark circle very well. 

Mascara : I haven't found my perfect mascara yet but this one is definitely a start. It makes full& long lashes - love it. Plus it smells like chocolate. 

Contour Kit: I'm always using my think dirty app to scan products or even find some and this is a 3(which is still good). I'm using my bronzer more often but this contour kit makes your cheek bones pop. 

Eyeshadow: It is a natural cream eye shadow for everyday - love !

Lips: I've been followin A beautiful mess for such a long time now so how can I not love their natural beauty brand. I signed up for their beauty box so it's easier for me to gather products I need. Their lip glosses and sticks are amazing. 


I hope I can inspire you to consider the change to natural beauty! It's a big step but forth it. 

-xo, sarah. 

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