Love Letters Vol.8

September 23, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

Hi Y'All! I'm starting my love letters again because I love this series & I think it's useful for those who are interested in my interests!


1. I bought a bunch of stuff for my Wroclaw apartment including this lamp  and those curtains - 100% love!


2.I can not help itI am a season person! I definitely or this cookbook from Jamie Oliver - ready to cook yummy dishes. 


3. I think "It" from Stephan King is the best read for September + October! It's such a powerful story and those kids ... oh those kids. And you get your dose of horror!

4. I'm currently loving this simple breakfast: Almond Milk, Chocolate Granola, Banana - so easy, so good. 


5. Build your own mid-century planter!


6. I did this DNA test and it's soon interesting. It tests your whole ancestry, your health risks, your carrier status, your traits and your wellness. 



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