My Natural Beauty Routine

September 17, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

Hi there! Today I wanted to share my beauty product routine which is non-toxic & vegan. The reason I swapped my lifestyle, is because of the code check & think dirty app. After scanning all my products, I was shocked to see how many toxic ingredients are in big brands! Starting from fertility endangerment and ending with cancerous substances. I started using natural beauty products last fall & all my "toxic" products are slowly diminishing. So here is my morning & evening routine. I hope this is helpful!


Morning Routine.

I like to keep my morning routine simple because some mornings are a little hectic & my beauty routine is important to me. I know that some people love an oil cleansing but my skin doesn't react properly to it and I get unpurifycations.

Kale+Green Tea Spinach Vitamins: It smells delicious & foams nicely. For my european gals(like me): You can buy this at sephora!

Pink Cloud Moisturizer: Dryness is not an obvious problem with my skin but I need to moisturize in the morning in order not to dry out! This is also available at sephora. 

Leahlani Citrus Toner: I recently read this blogpost from Elsie Larson and she emphasized how much of a difference a Toner can make! You can buy Leahlani products at if you are from Europe/Germany.  



Evening Routine. 

My evening routine is all about light exfoliating! When I swapped to natural beauty I stopped exfoliating completely. My skin got bad for a long time ( also hormonal reasons) and I realized that I used to exfoliate everyday. 

Burts Bees Deep Pore Scrub: I'm very satisfied with this product but I will definitely try more scrubs! 

100% Pure Vitamin C Serum: Leahlani recommends to use a Serum before using the bless balm. A beautician recommended a Vitamin C serum for my skin type & I'm loving this product! It's making my skin very smooth. 

Leahlani Bless Balm: It's more like a butter and leaves my skin moist & silky. 

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream: The collagen level in your skin lowers when you are entering your early 20's so it's important to use eye creams! This one smells delicious and gives me a feeling of freshness. 



Masks + Oils.

I'm using Masks & Oils 1-2 times a week to give my skin a boost. I feel a significant change in my skin when I'm using masks!

Masks from Ouifresh Beauty Box: The best thing about beauty boxes is, that you get to try out many products and find your perfect products! 

Leahlani Mermaid Mask: This will leave your skin smooth + silky. 

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel: This is also an exfoliater but enzyme based! My skin tingles a little while using this product. 

Facial Oils: I already told you that I'm not good with oils but I use them once a week to give my skin a glow booster. I either use this youth to the people or Elsies Diy Oil.


I hope this will help you guys to see that the natural beauty market is booming! Their performance is amazing & it's even available in europe! It's hard to find natural beauty products in europe which smell and look nice but here is your solution. 

-xo sarah




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