7 Low - Budget Halloween Decor Ideas

Oktober 27, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

This blog post might be a little late, but it's never too late to make your apartment autumn ready. 

It's never easy for students to decorate their room / apartment. 

But halloween decor options are:


PUMPKINS -  The simplest decor of them all! They are cheap and you can get crazy creative with them! I definitely want to do more with pumpkins next year. 



GARLANDS -  They are super easy to make and if you are not a craft fan: so they are super cheap at your local craft shop or at TK / TJ Maxx. 


WALL ART - They can bring your apartment to a whole new level. This is my fav. decor of our apartment!! You can also buy them at TK/TJ Maxx, your local craft store or DIY them! 


THEMED GADGETS -  Details are everything. Get a halloween themed mug, shirt, plate... The skull glasses were only around 7 euros! (TK Maxx) 


PAPER CRAFTS - I saw people doing all sorts of paper craft and hang them around their room/apartment/house. Bats, Pumpkins, Skulls...the options are endless. 


USING NON- THEMED GADGETS -  Students don't want to use their limited money on new festive decor. So simply take your normal gadgets like this felt board and turn in into sth. festive! 


CRAFT, CRAFT, CRAFT - Take an afternoon on craft halloween city, skulls and whatever is on your mind! We had so much fun creating this little halloween town and all we needed was 2 bird houses, 2 skulls and some paint! 


Hope you'll start getting creative!

xo, Sarah. 

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