Love Letters Vol. 9

Oktober 14, 2018 by Sarah Moniri



October, I'm getting obsessed with halloween movies! So my love letters will be dedicated to my favorite halloween movies: 


  1. The 2nd season of Slasher (Netflix) - Twist Plot alert - if you love twist plots! 
  2. Tales of Halloween - this is a little innocent but so halloweenish (is that a word?). 
  3. Hocus Pocus - what can I say. It's a childhood classic. 
  4. Rosemary's baby - I love classic movies. 
  5. Halloween - there is no Halloween without michael meyers. 
  6. The conjuring - there is a scene that kills me every single time ...
  7. Friday the 13th - the old or new ones. It does not matter. It is just a must see!

So here's a very simple and fast blog post I think halloween movies are mandatory in october so have fun with it !!

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