Student Decor: Bar Cart DIY (low budget)

Oktober 18, 2018 by Sarah Moniri



This series of "student decor" is made for students who want to decorate but beautiful decor. I have a dream, but this is another story. It's so easy to decorate and make your apartment pretty simple and simple. I want to have a simple and cozy apartment.


I've always wanted to have a bar cart! I've seen them on so many bogs and I think they can make a space pop. So here you go:        

What you want: 

  1. A thrifted bar cart (I got mine from our local thrift store for 20 euro !!)
  2. Removable Wall paper / Foil. I chose this one for 10 euro. 
  3. White Paint (or your preferred color) 
  4. Sandpaper 
  5. Brushes to paint 


Grind the wood with the sandpaper until it's a little skinned. Paint the legs and leftover wood in your chosen color, you will need about 2 coats. Let it dry. 


To apply the foil, I would like to take a towel to straighten it out. 


AAAAAnd thats it! I think I paid 35 euros in total (so I could reuse them for other projects!)


Now you just have to gather brass and cold cups!

xo, sarah. 




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