Tips & Reasons for Photobooks

Oktober 8, 2018 by Sarah Moniri



10 years, I decided it's time to have them printed.  Keep them on my external drive scares me & tbh, I never look through them.  I need physical photos, I need to turn pages & look closely at faces. All those memories need a place to be, and for that's not a computer.




1. Scrapbooks. I love scrapbooks. They are so personal and creative. But I started with the year 2008. That means, it would have taken so many years to frame, crop and print all those pictures! I started doing scrapbooks last year, but it simply was too much time consuming. I switched to normal photo books & wants to start scrapbooking when I'm done with the previous years. 

2. Don’t wait too long. If I would have done a scrapbook after every season or year I would have had less work this summer - ugh. 

3. Go for quality. I did a few 8 euro photo books. They are mini sized and the quality of the pictures is fine but the cover is simply too wabbly. 




My Go too: 

1.Create a beautiful cover. Some people love to use pictures, I love to create a designed cover with adesignkit!

2. Choose a specific time. Do you prefer seasons/years/months? I decided to go for seasons! It helps me to stay on top of things and be more organised with my pictures.                                

3. Be specific with pictures. Sometimes I take 100 similar pictures and somehow I love them all. I want to include every single one in my book, but its a waste of money. 

4. Have a design planned. Do you want 1/2/4/6/8 pictures on one page? I like to stick to a style on a doubled page. 


I hope this is helpful! 

-xo sarah. 



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