5 Tips for Long Distance Relationship

November 7, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

I'm putting this post off for too long. It's harder than you, but it makes you stronger.  

I dont want to say I'm a pro in LDR but I survived for 3 years: 

1.Schedule your "visiting" time: It's not good to do things spontaneously. You have to plan your montly visits! This is my first tip to survive. If you know exactly when you want to see each other again, it's easier to concentrate on your life instead of asking yourself if its even worth it. I recommend every 3 weeks (at least)

2.Facetime at least every two days: Even when it's just for a minute in the bathroom, in the kitchen or on your little chores. This will make you feel like your partner is still part of your daily life.  

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3.Find a common hobby you can do online: For us this is our love to e-courses! That gives you sth. To have in common and an activity to do together!

4.Create sth. That helps you:  this is a private instagram account we both have. We post a daily picture with our thoughts underneath it. It's like aa relation diary. 


5.Talk about it:  I had some serious doubts a while back but I talked about Michael about them! I felt so much better. Crap, cry or even doubt everything ... as long as you talk through those emotions!

6.Know why you are doing this: If you feel like you are missing out and are simply unhappy, you should consider your relationship. It's okay to have a rough patch but just ask yourself if it's worth the trouble. Is the person worth it? Am I willing to feel a little sad in order to maintain this relationship? Could I imagine a life without this person? Question yourself until you know what you want. 



For me it's hard, really, but so worth it. 


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