Tips for (medical) internships

September 9, 2019 by Sarah Moniri


  1. Be nice - seems like a very simple thing to do but many people are too shy or just too grumpy (my brother for instance) to smile at the doctors & nurses when saying hello. I always feel like that every mistake is just half as bad when you politely apologize. Being nice in general helps a lot to leave a good impression.
  2. Be prepared - I got asked so many questions and sometimes didn’t know the answer! That’s emberassing! Feel free to tell the doctors  when you haven’t had a subject yet. Ask them what you should study more and prepare for following days! ACS_4454
  3. Watch YouTube. I had problems to place a venous access to patients who had „bad veins“. Watching youtube helped to get a better insight into doing so and also learning about some tricks!
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask questions - I openly told the doctors that I’m still struggling with ECG’s, so one of them thought me the principles of ECG’s almost everyday! Whenever I didn’t do something correct I simply asked what I did wrong. It’s better than just saying sorry in my opinion. 
  5. Don’t take anything personally - There will be mean doctors and their attitude will annoy you but I always just stay nice and don’t try to let it get to you. 


Hope that helps you!! 

Xo, Sarah. 

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