Love Letters Vol. 10

Oktober 20, 2019 by Sarah Moniri


The start of school is always busy and haven't quite find my groove for this blog yet. But I really want to post more - so here is a Love Letter for starters. 

  1. I recently love to shop second- hand goodies. This is my fav. german site and this is my fav. english one. 
  2. Do you go for a walk occasionally? It's the best during autumn! Try it sometimes :)
  3. I recently purchased this lipstick! Its vegan, non - toxic and pretty. 
  4. Nae Vegan has amazing shoes! Perfect for cold days. 
  5. I like this jacket
  6. Yummy vegan waffle recipe. Just did it today.


Hope you have a relaxing day! 

- xo , Sarah. 

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