Student - friendly Halloween Decor

Oktober 23, 2019 by Sarah Moniri



Hello Witches! 

There is only one thing I am excited about being old one day: I will have a whole house to decorate + money to buy decor. YEY. But for now we don't want to spend much $$ on decor supplies and actually managed to make our apartment look festive without much of a budget. Keep the decor things for as long as possible! It's not only cheaper , it is also better for the environment. 

This Skull is from Tiger and was around 4 euros. Leonie ( my roommate) painted it with colors we still had at home.


This used to be a garland we bought back in 17 for around 4-6 euros I believe. We removed the thread and taped them into our kitchen. 


Some people have a whole halloween village but so far we only have two witch houses (from 2018)! I want to extend this collection one day! All you need to do is buy some bird houses and get creative:) 



The Hocus Pocus one is my favorite :) 


This ghost garland and the bats are the only new additions to our halloween decor this year. The garland is from our local craft store (Paper concept, Wroclaw). 



The best project ever! All you need is black Paper and a scissor. Leonie drew the bat and she and Ranja ( a friend from Uni) cut them out. Leonie taped them to the wall and VOILA. 


Backdrops from 17 and another painter skull. 


This was fun! 

- have a good night, xo Sarah. 

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