What I've learned from 4 years LD.

Oktober 21, 2019 by Sarah Moniri





This is my 4th year in a long distance relationship and it has been actually quite easy. Why? Because I’ve been so busy with school and Michael was able to visit me every 2-3 weeks. Long Distance is a really complicated matter and there have been high highs and low lows. So if you are struggling with Long Distance - this post is for you.


  1. You will realize if its worth it pretty soon. Most LD relationships fail because its exhausting! Do you really want to waste your 20s on planing next visits, miss your spouse or watch your friends flirt at partys while you just get drunk (okay that’s not that bad actually). If the person is worth it than yes, all of this is worth it. If you feel like this isn’t „the one“ than its time to start living your life. 


  1. It’s okay to make mistakes. Being in a relationship means for some people that you are dead: They don’t go out anymore, its forbidden to talk to the opposite sex and having fun is not an option anymore. But for me this was never the case. I love to go out, I love to have many male friends and I love to dance. Whenever I felt like I took a step too far I talked to Michael about it. 


  1. Having friends is key. When you are my close friend I love you unconditionally. I want to do all sorts of activity with you, I tell you a lot of private stuff & I want to get drunk with you - so you see, friends are hella important for me. Being with friends will make life better! Especially when you are missing your loved one. 


  1. You value your partner even more - that’s the good thing about LD. Whenever you don’t see each other you will start to only thing about the good traits and moments of/with your partner. Michael and I never fight when we don’t see each other cause we mainly talk about the good things. (+ we only fight about cleaning or when we bake sth.) 


  1. Be independent - there is nothing worse than waiting for the next time you see each other. You only have this life so don’t waste it waiting for sth. to happen. Do whatever you would normally do, enjoy some "me" time, enjoy time with your friends, enjoy partys, learn a new skill!                                         

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