How to travel more sustainable.

November 11, 2019 by Sarah Moniri


Traveling is not good for the environment, period. But its a big part of every millennials life & always try to find a solution instead telling everyone what not to do including myself. Flying contributes 2,7% to climate change which is not a big number but I still want to fly as little as possible. So how can we "even out" our Co2 emission while traveling?

  1. Compensate w/ Atmosfair or Climate Credits - You donate a calculated amount of money to Co2 reducing projects. It´s legit I promise! 
  2. Pack lightly - Something I am not perfect at but trying to be! 
  3. Use Reef- friendly Sunscreen - I love Coola ! A chapter option is this brand. 
  4. Environmental- friendly Hotels - Olas Tulum ( Tulum) , Tiera Patagonia (Chile), Song Sad (Cambodia), i mini (italy), 1 Hotels (USA), Great Ocean Ecolodge (Australia) and many more! 
  5. Don't let them change your towels everyday! 
  6. Eat more vegan during your vacation. Its not hard and yummy!
  7. Use public transport
  8. Travel to nearby places or less. 


And that's it. 

Hope you can use some of those tips!- xo, Sarah. 

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