Love Letter (to myself) Vol. 11

November 17, 2019 by Sarah Moniri


Today's love letter is dedicated to myself because we all tend to watch us with a critical eye, sometimes too critical. But truth be told: I started liking everything about myself once I've left this awkward teenage phase. I stopped thinking about how I want my body to look like, I simply did everything I could to make it look the way I wanted it to be. When I felt like doing my hair I did, when I wanted to wear a pretty bra with a wide blouse, I did. I started to do everything I wanted to ( as long as it didn´t  hurt anyone). I embraced my good character traits and lowered the ones I despised. I started to only care about the thoughts of people I love, I became honest and I tried to give 0 fucks about things I should give 0 fucks about. I danced infront of the mirror, I took pictures of myself because I felt like it and I have had absolute no problem to go out the house with my natural face. But being self - confident is the key to appreciate everything else about life. We need it to create an aura, we need it to be actually there when we walk into a room and we need it to voice concerns without being worried about the reactions of others. My mother is probably the most confident women I know and she knows what's not so pretty about her but it never held her back.  It's okay to recognize your unflattering parts as long as you love yourself and would never be ashamed of anything you want to do. Self - confidence is not necessarily inherited, its something we all have to work on sometimes. Either improve your thinking or your problem ( dance infront of the mirror, read books about this topic, be silly, don't take yourself too serious and be alive no matter what!)

Take care of yourself and be you, not them!

- xo, sarah.  

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