Love Letters: Sustainable Gift Guide Vol.12

Dezember 8, 2019 by Sarah Moniri


  1. Christmas Dresses are always a good idea!
  2. I think PJ's are always a good gift! This one is simple but cute. 
  3. Gifting calendars for 2020 can also be a practical gift. 
  4. Someone who just moved always needs things for their apartment. This vase is really pretty. 
  5. Call me weird but I am always happy when someone gifts me socks
  6. My Mama always needs Wine Glasses. I think Anthropologie has the most amazing ones. 
  7. Grandchildren Birth dates for your Grandma. 
  8. Personalized Christmas Sweaters for your family. My brother loved this one.
  9. Illustration of a family picture!  
  10. Do something with your loved ones photos! Like this keychain or this fridge magnets
  11. I also love to gift Ulgy Christmas Sweaters, Mittens or a Scarf. Really anything winter related. 
  12. You need a non toxic eye shadow palette? This one is the one. 


I could go on and on but I hope this will give you some ideas. 

Have a beautiful Sunday. 

-xo, sarah. 

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