7 years w/ Michel

Januar 13, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


7 YEARS wit Michael, what?!?! 

If someone would have told my teenage self that I would be in a 7 year relationship with the age of almost 24 I would have thought: Omg, have… have I become boring? 

Relax 16 year old Sarah. You are not boring!

Because that is what I used to think: People in relationships are NO fun. I still experience some couples to whom this applies to but hey! no hate here, you do you! 


I sometimes think that our generation is scared of commitment or because of limitless options is scared to commit to the wrong one. If you feel like there is someone even better than the person you are with, this is probably true but if you thin that ALL THE TIME you should, well, start asking yourself what makes you think that. 

My point is: 

Relationships can be amazing! Relationships don't mean that you can't get drunk anymore, they don't mean that you cant dance with your male friends and they surely don't mean that you are stop living. 

If that's your thing (being more into couple things) than girl, you do that! 

(Please note: If you are single: Enjoy your time! Have wild 20's, do something stupid, You will find someone either way. 

It's better to concentrate on yourself and people you love than wining about being single. Being in a relationship doesn't make life better! Your perspective wants. 

But here are 7 things that are great and fun about (long) relationships: 


  1. Your bond will be thicker with every year. Everybody talks about the upside about being in a long relationship: He’s not doing enough, she’s never in the mood… but no one talks about how much of a strong connection you have formed. I honestly believe that I love Michael even more than ever ( sorry for being cheesy).  After 7 years I can tell Michael everything and he’s a part of my family. Don’t forget this aspect of a long relationship! 
  2. Getting drunk together( or hell, getting drunk in general) is still fun! Don’t get yourself a boyfriend who stops drinking in the relationship…just…don’t. 
  3. Having past and a probable future. I love to talk about past events with Michael ( even if he only remembers half of it) but when you have been together for so long chances are high that you are end game. So talking about the future or panning is fulfilling. For me at least. This is something you just can’t talk about in the begging of a relationship. Long relationships are just chill. You can basically say whatever you want. 
  4. You always have someone to relay on. Michael is really the best person, not only I say this. Sometimes friends and family are overwhelming and a partner is always a good person to talk to. 
  5. You develop and learn together. The core of Michael and I are always stayed the same but we constantly inspired each other and grew as a person. 
  6. The embarrassing mornings are over . I've only had this two times I guess but many of my female friends tell me this: you don't fell good after a night with a random person. It's fun while it lasts but the next day you are just like: Ugh! But please don't take this the wrong way, this is just what I have collected from my friends! 
  7. Coziness and a sprinkle of romance . Having those 2 things are good for my soul. It's important to be happy during every episode of our life but romance is something you can only have with your partner and romance can be pretty cool. 



But please, don't take this as: Life is only great when you have a relationship. Life is always great when you take 100% responsibility how to react to it. 


-xo, Sarah. 

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