Exam Session: Calm Down

Januar 30, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


Hi friends! 

I'm a bit stressed but still want to write this post about my "techniques" on how to calm down before a big exam. I have an oral on tuesday in dermatology and I still need to study a lot which can stress me out. So here is what I do when I feel overhelmed: 


  • Plan my day step by step and change plans if it doesn't work out!
  • Eat something nice in my breaks like Cake!  
  • Talk with friends about my worries and reassure each other that we got this. 
  • Go to the gym if nothings sticks anymore. 
  • Use the app Headspace to mediate in the morning. 
  • Essential Oil Sticks like this one from Oxalis. 
  • Dance the stress away!
  • Don't think too much about it and just do it!

Wishing you the best, xo Sarah.

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