Cheap, Vegan Meal Ideas

März 23, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


The economy is crashing and I have the feeling/fear that after the corona situation is more under control, people won’t pay much attention to the environment anymore. 

PLEASE, don’t do this mistake. The Climate crisis is an equal threat as corona. Try to keep the small changes you have made alive! Eating vegan sometimes (yes I know the word vegan scares people away but don't be!) won’t make a big change to your wallet but a huge one for your environment. 

So today I want to show you a more budget vegan diet! I will make recipes for those ideas in the future:


  1. Burritos. Just buy the bread, some beans, some not too pricey veggies like bell peppers and you have yourself a tasty, cheap meal. 
  2. Mashes potato with a mushroom gravy. Potatoes are always cheap and delicious! My family loves potatoes and makes everything with them. 
  3. Pasta with tomato sauce. The best and simplest. 
  4. Rice with Cauliflower Curry and Chickpeas. I will post my recipe soon here! It’s so good and won’t cost much. 
  5. Chili sin carne. Just canned tomatoes plus beans and you can find textured soy for three dollars everywhere!


Hope this helps a little! 

Xo, Sarah. 


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