How to balance a healthy diet with a busy schedule

März 9, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


Hello you!

I know that many people don't care about a healthy diet but I just feel so much better when I eat clean. Every time I have busy or long days I find it to be a bit difficult to stay on my regular diet path and it's easy to start eating sweets here and there. Please note that giving in to your sweet tooth is noting to feel guilty about and constantly denying cravings is also not a way of living. But for me it's enough to have 1-2 "cheat days". Let's di g in: 

  1. Download the daily dozen app - this app is from the author of the "how not to die" book and provides you with a great overview about the nutrients your body needs daily. It’s not a must have but definitely helps!
  2. Make your food colorful - even when I’m taking food to Uni I always add (e.g) to my granola lots of frozen berries, some hemp seeds and bring some cucumber and bell peppers in an extra box. I’m a volume eater so having a few healthy snacks with me helps to get healthy trough he day. 
  3. Bring Veggies and Fruits - Like I already said: It doesn’t take long to bring an apple & banana or slice even some fresh veggies. I love snacks and just feel better when they are light and simple. 
  4. Simple but Special - whenever Leonie eats , let’s say, Oatmeal. She doesnt just eat Oatmeal! She adds a million spices, she drizzles some seeds & nuts on top of it, she adds an apple or berries….it always looks like a food experience!  
  5. Easy and fast meals - On busy days Leonie and I love to simply make a salad, some potatoes and a meat alternative like the albert lupine patty. Finding easy and fast healthy meals is the key to make a healthy living easy. 
  6. Don’t stress too much. If you don't feel like eating an apple and rather a juicy chocolate cake then don't eat the apple. Its really all about the balance. 


- Xo, Sarah.

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