Daily Doodles (2) : No Big Deal

August 27, 2020 by Sarah Moniri



Day 2

As I woke up on Monday in a beautiful passive house hotel ( low energy, environmental friendly hotel), Mr. doubt was so far behind me that he completely left my mind. 

That’s the beauty of doubt. One day it can be so utterly present & consuming and the next you just ask yourself what the big deal was… 

Anyway, Michael and I kept saying things like „ omg, we are so grown up - we are on a vacation together (while watching the movie parent trap). Yeah, very grown up.

But in my opinion a Realtionship doesn’t have to be grown up. You can skip the wine at dinner and get ice - cream instead. Make your own rules. Do whatever you want to do. Don’t feel forced by standards & norms. 

I recognized that things between Michael and me are always so easy. Even tough I was scared that I would feel too grown up, too serious,  those feelings never flooded my core once. 

Michael and my realtionship is light, fun & completely right. I think when you scared of becoming something you don’t want to become , it will never occur. 

So we went for a jog, I did my Pamela workout and we ate oatmeal before entering the whimsical city San Sebastian where we ate a salad at a tapas bar  (they didn’t have a single veggie tapa), walked up a mountain that looked like jurassic park and watched surfers surf while Michael talked non stop about how he needs to go on a surf vacation. 

We ended the day with pasta. 

It was calm & beautiful. 


Day 3 

We took a Hike which was simply magical. Horses grasen on coasts while the ocean quietly shifts it’s course, views made for gods and the calm feeling of freedom gliding trough my being with every stroke of the wind. 

Humans are so detached to Nature sometimes and the simplest way to find our way back to it is to be in it. 

(Where we parked is all in my Instagram highlight „San Sebastian“) 


Day 4 

During the drive to our next stop Uxa Paraiso (open air hotel) I listened to the abeautifulmess podcast (which always makes me want to decorate a house) and to Big Magic. 

Big Magic leaves me in awe. It makes me feel excited, blissful and full of kindred spirits. It’s hard ro describe the feelings crashing against me when I listen to the well formulated words of Elizabeth Gilbert. It is indeed Big Magic. 

Another magical moment I’ve had is driving up the bumpy streets to our open air hotel. I felt a little nervous since I’ve never done anything like this before. But the host was friendly & the vibe was laid back. No Big Deal. 

The location is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by apple and olive trees. I currently sit on our front porch overviewing the beauty of thick evergreen forest and can only give one advise: Go into nature. It’s ointment for the soul. 




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