How To Avoid Winter Skin.

Oktober 28, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


As much as I love Autumn & Winter I can not say the same thing for my skin. Some days it feels like someone stapled it really tightly behind my ears and cornifications on my nose are not a stranger.  Side Note: It’s because of your heater. It dries up your natural home moisture and therefore the air that touches the skin.

But behold! I have a solution , actually more than one solution for this: 


  1. Peel your skin every morning! This helps to get the roughness of your skin! I use this peeling ( Make sure it has no micro plastic in it!!)
  2. Retinol Treatment - Use your favorite Retinoid Treatment ( this is mine) for 5 days straight! This will help you to regain some of the moisture that your skin lost!
  3. Use a thick cream for the day instead of your normal day cream whenever you feel like it. I really like Skin Food from Weleda. Extra thickness can rehydrate your skin and will leave you with the perfect glow. 
  4. Use a Derma Roller when you react well to it! This is the one I use.


Hope this helps you!

Give your skin some love back!

  • Xo ; Sarah 


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