Last Minute Witch Make-Up (90% clean)

Oktober 31, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


Hello Witches!

It's this time of the year again and even tough we are all probably sitting inside , eating candy and watching a halloween movie , I will definitely wear a simple costume. 

All those looks are made with make-up most of us have at home! Therefore, there are like 3 products that are not clean because I didn't want to buy anything else and it's okay to break "rules". My best friend & roommate created and did all these looks - she's crazy talented.  Let's start! 



  1. I used my clean Concealer from 100percentpure
  2. Blend it well!
  3. Next up: Blend a primer into the skin. I like the one from BiteBeauty
  4. Use your favorite Make-up! I really like the one from Ilia. 
  5. Here is the link to it.
  6. Eyebrow Powder if you want to :) I use this one.
  7. I also like to use a brow gel
  8. Now I like to apply highlighter. The RMS palette is really good.
  9. Lastly, I use a bronzer for my cheeks. I use the one from Tarte


  1. The Witch of the North. 


1. Use a really light eye-shadow! Like the 1st one in the picture. Ilia has great options! This one is not clean so I'm not gonna link it. 

2. Use the 4th eye-shadow on the 2nd picture. It's from Ilia!

3. Apply it really well into your crease. 

4. Blend , Blend , Blend. 

5., 6. & 7. Use an eyeliner and draw a desired line and that's how it should look like after the steps I just described. 

8. & 9.  Apply the primer I'm pointing at(or a similar shade) and the first shade in the 9th picture to a brush you can use for highlighting. 


10., 11, 12, 13,14,15. Places to highlight!

16. Now let's get to bronzing! Use the shade I'm pointing at and...

17. to your higher cheek 

18. Use a shade I'm pointing at and apply with a brush to your check ( picture 19. below)


19. Where to apply. 

20. Where to blend. 

21. That's how you should look like at this point ( not precisely but you know what I mean)

22.,Now use a highlighter in this similar shade and...

23. & 24. Apply on Brows & Lips 

25. Use a light pink Lipstick and only draw on your inner lips. Here is a similar shade 

26&27. The look :)


2. The Witch of Dark Arts


  1. Use a black eye liner to draw on your eye lid like I/ my bestie did.
  2. Apply the eyeshadow from 3. and blend well on your crease. 
  3. This is the brand. 
  4. Apply a brown eye shadow on your brush. This is the one I used. 
  5. Blend really well into your crease until its well distributed. 
  6. How it should look like right now. 
  7. Draw your eyeliner line further towards your nose.
  8. Use a similar color like the one I'm pointing at (the 1st one) 
  9. Apply to the front of your eyelid and blend it well into the crease. 



10. Take this color 

11., 12. & this 

13. to apply underneath your cheek bone, Blend well. 

14. Use a smaller brush with the same colors and contour your Wings and Dorsum of the Nose. 

15. Lastly, Use a Lilac Lip Stick like this one


3. Witch of Autumn


  1. Use this color and apply...
  2. ... on your crease until it's well blended.
  3. Until it looks similar to look like this. 
  4. Now take a similar to this.
  5. Blend in the crease (sort of like a V)
  6. Result after the first 5 steps.
  7. Use this
  8. & that 
  9. And apply to your inner eye.


10. Result after the 9th step. 

11. Use this color and 

12., 13., 14.  Apply on your nose & cheeks 

15. & 16. Use this and the 2nd shade of this palette ( or similar) for your cheeks. 

17&18. The results!!


-hope this helps!

xo, Sarah. 

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