Things that bring me happiness in times like these.

Oktober 24, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


 1. E-courses

The world of e-courses is huge and brings me immense joy because 1) You actually learn a new skill while 2) Having Fun! I think it was never that easy to learn a language, cooking technique, photography, a craft(…) from home before. It’s an easy ‚stay in sweats activity for at home and I’m all in for it. I can highly recommend masterclasses, soulcialmedia or abeautifulmess. 


2. Organizing & Cleaning

An organized workspace = an organized mind. Nothing more calming than listening to a good feel good show, a podcast or some ‚I cry myself to sleep‘ music while going trough each drawer and develop a new system or simply decide what to toss or keep. When I know that my room is organized , I immediately feel like I have my life in better control. 




3. Going for a jog

From March - September I was a huge advocate for home workouts but now that I’m back in my apartment and don’t have much space anymore,  I find going for a jog way more therapeutic. The only time I actually go outside and can be a little in nature while giving my body some love back and shacking it thoroughly.

4. Books & Movies

Always a way to escape current life. I currently watch a lot of Horror/Halloween/Harry Potter Movies and it's at least warming my soul a little bit and makes me forget on all the things I'm currently missing out on (very dramatic, I know but you are not 24 for ever) And if you are into creative writing - why not write a little short story while getting inspired by your current read/ movie? 


5. New Recipes & DIYS

This is for sure an obvious one and makes time pass quickly! For a Foodie like me , Food has to be a highlight! So trying new things, learning new cooking skills or finally doing that one DIY I’ve always wanted to do, brings me immense inner satisfaction. Pinterest, abeautifulmess and minimalist baker are my go to sites. 


hope this helps you,

-xo Sarah. 



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