Natural Skin Care Gift Guide.

November 15, 2020 by Sarah Moniri



Hello my fellow skin-care & wellness lovers! 

Leonie and I have been talking so much about Christmas presents and I'm honestly a tiny bit lost this year( lost is the word of my year, ha!). I don't seem to find the perfect but still love to browse my favorite shops for that one idea that's just genius... anyway! I thought I'm going to share some ideas incase you are as lost as me and need some Inso from another mind! Enjoy <33!



1.  My skin often feels very stressed after I shave so I started using the post shave and I have to say that I can tell that my skin is much more relaxed now. No more itchy, dry and pimply spots after shaving!!

2. Okay...this is the holy grail of skin care. Besides its wonderful aesthetics ( I mean, look at it!), it's a good exfoliated with BHA and AHA's! Just what your skin needs when you start to turn your heaters on.

3. THE MASK! No other words needed.

4. Incase you are pregnant, want to be pregnant or can't take retinol for some reason - this is your replacement! Using retinol or this magic potion helps to even your skin tone and get rid of your acne.

5. This is the best serum I've ever had! using it everyday.

6. Jetlag mask for exhausting days. It's really hydrating and a typical feel good mask. 

7.Bless the bless balm. If you get dry skin in winter use this every evening!

8.My favorite Skin Oil of all time. ITS THE BEST!! GET IT!!

9.Eye cream that smells like vanilla and depuffes your "bags". I have discovered it in 2017 and still love it!


Hope this helps!

-xo, Sarah.

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