Clean & Cruelty Free Christmas Make-Up

Dezember 9, 2020 by Sarah Moniri



Here is my second little tutorial on how to do a clean & cruelty free Christmas Make-up without much effort! I posted a step by step fast reel on my Instagram so feel free to check it out! 

What you will need: A palette similar to this one , Biodegradable Glitter and your go tos (Mascara, Foundation, Concelear, Contouring thingys)

  1. Leonie started to blend the 1st color of the last row of this palette on my eye(the whole lid).  Blend the hell out of it until its nice contributed and well incorporated into your Skin. 
  2. Use the same color and line your water line with it.  Line your eyeline as well. 
  3. Mix the Bronze Shade (2nd row , 2nd color of the Ilia palette) and the Glitter Shade ( 1st row , 1st color) together and apply to the middle to your eyelid. Blend well. 
  4. Take the brown color (3rd row, 2nd color) and use it like a eyeliner with a tiny brush.
  5. Now apply your glitter wherever you like it( We contributed it all over the eyelid) Swipe away excess glitter which has fallen on your cheeks. 
  6. Lastly I simply applied my make-up routine : concealer, make-up, brow brush, mascara , highlighter and bronzer) 
  7. I think a cranberry colored lipgloss fits this look! 



Image00001 Kopie


Hope you will enjoy this!

xo, Sarah. 

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