Clean Contouring Products I love.

Januar 30, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I think Corona made me more fascinated with any kind of aesthetics. I'm longing for grandiose Ropes while listening to Lana Delray and reading trough 50's fashion books. It's weird how our personalities and interests shift during a pandemic. I guess I'm longing for a glamorous lifestyle after months of living in sweats. 

Another thing that started to interest me is Make-up. A reason for this is the show Euphoria and another one is again: the pandemic. I got really into colorful eyeshadow and  want to buy Halsey's new line aboutface! Ever since the beginning of Christmas I started to contour again! (last time was 2015 ha!) So I thought it would help you guys to show you my favorite clean Contour products: 

Ilia Highlighter Astrid - Liquid Gold! Love this for my cheeks, upper lip, chin and under eyebrows.

RMS Highlighter - This is good for precise work and I like to use that darker shade for the sides of my forehead. The texture and shimmer is also a huge plus. 

Ilia Bronzer - My newest purchase and I'm already involve! I use this Video for contouring and it's so useful for her technique. 

Tarte Powder Bronzer - I use this for blending my cheeks and it's still a clean product (not everything from tarte is clean!

Blush and Highlighter - Lily and Lolo is an amazing clean brand and their highlighter shimmers nicely in light.

Ilia Concelear - AHHHHHH! TH BEST! Omg, I can't get enough. Perfect texture and coverage. GET IT NOW! My shade is chicory( I prefer a lighter shade than my actual skin color)

This brush Set - Has all the brushes you will need and is eco friendly. 


Hope this helps! 

-xo Sarah.