My second-hand challenge.

Januar 27, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I know most people aren't too pumped about New Years resolution but I always like to make a challenge out of it! This year, I decided to only shop second hand with some exceptions which I will name soon. The reason for this challenge? I want to reduce my environmental impact, create a unique style and save money. Second-hand shopping can be so personal and special with one in a lifetime items so I'm really looking forward to this. 


Platforms I use: 

This is the first item I purchases this year! All those Lana Delray Vibes omg. 

I also want to finally work on the Curated Closet Work Book!

Exceptions: Underwear, Bikinis, Socks and my prom dress (incase we will have it). 


This is all for now!

-xo, Sarah. 

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