Start your Curl Journey right.

Januar 25, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


  1. Learn about your hair : We are all so individual, so there is no strict recipe for the achievement of nice, bouncy curls. You have to study your hair, research the perfect shampoo for your type of hair and be aware of any kind of reactions to it. It’s a lot , I know , but curls are just a complicated business. Here is a chart to find more about your hair type 





2. Cut the Crap : There is a reason why I am a clean beauty advocate. I’m sorry to break it to you, but you have to eliminate all dirty ingredients( use the think dirty app). They destroy your hair, Period. 

3. Cleanse correctly : This will be a whole different blogpost but for starters, make sure to use the "squish to condish" technique when applying conditioner after you cleansed your hair with a 2 min shampoo massage. I can also recommend to cleanse with a conditioner only ( Called cleansing conditioner)! Use a deep conditioner once a week. 

4. Styling is Key: Use your preferred gel, cream or leave in treatment BUT the most important technique is indeed plopping ( I do it for 40 min). Here is a video in how to do it. 

5. Wet Dry or Diffusor Dry : This is totally up to you! Try both to see what you like more!

6. Be patient:  I’m still in the beginning of my journey and still learn new things everyday! Keep in mind,  that your wash day won’t always be successful and that it can take a few years until your hair will be the way you like' em. Don’t compare yourself to others! We are all so unique. Take pictures along the process and embrace that beautiful curl head of yours!


-xo, Sarah. 


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