7 min. Clean Day Make-up for busy mornings

Februar 11, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I really don't know why but ever since corona, I got really into Make-up. I've mentioned this a couple posts back but I can't emphasize enough how untypical this is for me. With that being said,  I still need a quick routine for mornings I have to wake up early and leave for the hospital. I have absolutely NO priority to wake up even earlier to go glamed up to a hospital which is definitely the wrong place to wear an overly done look. I want something I feel hydrated and comfortable in and this is definitely it.


This very simple but comfy look took me 7 min (no joke). Perfect for busy mornings. 


Like everyone , I start with my primer and blend it very well into my skin. I use the Bitebeauty primer and it gives my skin a nice and even look. 


Next up, I follow with my favorite foundation and a fluid bronzer. I like to have a moisturized glow , especially when I'm inside all day. 



A tiny bit of contouring ( we ain't got time for the big one). I love this concealer the most. 


This is my favorite Glow Up Set ever. I use it everyday. I add a bit on my cheeks, underbrow and upper lip and tap it into my skin. 


Let's focus on the eyes: I use the Honest Beauty Mascara for the ultimate whip, the Ilia eyeliner to make my eyes awake and the ilia brow brush to give my brows some life. 


I finish with my lips ( In corona times unnecessary). I line them with BiteBeauty Liners and add some gloss in the middle. 


-xo, Sarah. 

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