Cute Etsy Finds Just Because.

Februar 13, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I think Etsy can be a black hole. I could spend hours on their so today I want to show you some recent finds! I also prefer supporting small businesses always. 

1) I love a good crazy grandma item so this would be so much fun to wear while studying. 

2) I think Etsy is the best place for clay earrings. I love these and have a few myself. 

3) I need new bed sheets and I love burned orange!

4) They are so cute. Especially with Spring around the corner I can imagine them on a lovely wooden table with soft light falling on them.

5) Etsy also have amazing ceramics and these remind me of the beauty of the beast. 

6) I told you about this new vintage button trend right? This one is so chic, I ordered this one nevertheless.

7) I love a good Jumpsuit. This one is made out of linen which is very smooth on the skin in summer. 

8) I want to start film photography some day and this one would be my go to choice because..... yellow. 

9) I already linked a similar one in my love letters post but it needs more attention. Romantic Vibes forever. 


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