Plans & Dreams for 2021.

Februar 4, 2021 by Sarah Moniri





Ah. I know. Some of you hate New Years Resolutions but you now what - they don't have to be big. They can be things like drinking more tea or listening to more music. You don't have to start a new company, publish a book or go to doctors beyond boarders. You do whatever you want to do. 

With that said I'm the kind of person that likes to dream big. Even if I only achieve 50% of that goal it's 50% more than I would have normally done. 


  • This year will be academic oriented so my major goal is to finish studying for the USMLE (board examination to work as a doctor for the U.S )
  • I have a big Exam in September and my Plan/Goal is to pass that. 
  • I have an ongoing challenge to only shop secondhand. Read all about it here
  • I want to get a tutor for learning Farsi. Found this website
  • I want to finish/redo all my E-courses. 
  • I want to educate myself more about Art, Music, Decades and Movies.
  • I want to learn more about Pinterest, make more boards etc. 
  • I will soon finish my 3rd and 4th year (of med school) after movie. 
  • I need a new morning routine. 
  • I want to set goals/ learn something new/ do something out of the ordinary every week. I liker to sit down every Sunday and just focus on the week to come. 
  • I booked an internship for July in San Diego. Fingers Crossed that Corona won't destroy my plan again. 
  • I might be getting a tiny tiny minimalistic tattoo.
  • Organize my Pictures until they are PERFECT. 



  • Travel with my Friends to Thailand in Summer
  • Publish my Book
  • Work more on my Blog
  • Pass the USMLE 
  • Party MORE. 
  • Travel to U.S with Leonie in April. 
  • Move with my friends together in October.
  • Get a pediatric dermatology internship.
  • Be happier again. 


-xo, Sarah. 




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