A year ago, I've had an interview at a university and the professor asked me: "Why is your life so complicated?"
My name is Sarah Moniri, I'm 21 y / o and was born in a small village in Germany.  Well, my life is not complicated at all! 


My dad is from Iran and my mum from Germany. I'm not a native English speaker but I've spent a lot of my time in the US (10th grade and 6 months after graduating from high school) so, feel free to correct my grammar errors - I'm happy to learn! After high school I was part of the pre-med program in Budapest and I'm studying medicine in Wroclaw at the moment. 


The reason I've wanted to create a blog is actually  this amazing blog  , which inspired me so much throughout the years. I saw so many blogs which were all about the girl behind it and nothing else. I've been wanting to know more about photography, I've wanted to read about other people, I've wanted to have some ideas ... - you see where this is going. I hope I am looking for you. ABM was to me. I want to write about my experiences, I want to talk about traveling and inspire people to make everyday life an adventure.  I hope you have fun on my blog and enjoy the journey !!!IMG_1333

xoxo Sarah.

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