Summer Homebody Essentials (halfway sustainable)

1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 /. (left to right, top to bottom) ...

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Fair Sunnies.

If you follow my Instagram Account, you know I'm all about Fair Fashion(various reason, maybe I'll go in more depth in another post). It's July which means we all need to protect our eyes and potent...

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Second-hand Spring Dresses

Hello! Here is the promised secondhand spring dresses post! :) Hope this inspires you to check out more secondhand fashion. From Left to right, down to low. 1) Size S for 88 Euros 2) Size S for...

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Fair Floral Dresses

1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9. (from left to right, up to down)...

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Cute Etsy Finds Just Because.

I think Etsy can be a black hole. I could spend hours on their so today I want to show you some recent finds! I also prefer supporting small businesses always. 1) I love a good crazy grandma item ...

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7 min. Clean Day Make-up for busy mornings

I really don't know why but ever since corona, I got really into Make-up. I've mentioned this a couple posts back but I can't emphasize enough how untypical this is for me. With that being said, I ...

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(V) Red Velvet Cupcakes with my signature Frosting.

I have a little tradition ever since I'm a little girl. Valentines day is not about romantic love in my opinion, it's about recognizing all the loved ones we have. So my mum always made dinner for ...

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Love Letters Vol : Glam Up. Vol. 16

Hello Internet Friends! I hope you are doing well in all this madness! I honestly have to say that I'm getting better by the minute. Weirdly, dressing up really lifts my mood and I'm getting obses...

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Plans & Dreams for 2021.

Ah. I know. Some of you hate New Years Resolutions but you now what - they don't have to be big. They can be things like drinking more tea or listening to more music. You don't have to star...

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Living Room Mini Makeover.

I was eyeing these Movie Fan Art Prints for a long time already, and since there was so much change happening my lately I thought it would be healthy for me to make the switch. This is definitely ...

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Love Letters : It's okay. Vol.15

After a long break of Love Letters, I'm bringing this format back. It's a cute way to sum up my weekly findings (not want to brag but they are pretty good). I honestly have to say that I am a bit ...

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Clean Contouring Products I love.

I think Corona made me more fascinated with any kind of aesthetics. I'm longing for grandiose Ropes while listening to Lana Delray and reading trough 50's fashion books. It's weird how our personali...

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My second-hand challenge.

I know most people aren't too pumped about New Years resolution but I always like to make a challenge out of it! This year, I decided to only shop second hand with some exceptions which I will name ...

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Start your Curl Journey right.

Learn about your hair : We are all so individual, so there is no strict recipe for the achievement of nice, bouncy curls. You have to study your hair, research the perfect shampoo for your type of...

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#34 Unsere Weihnachts Traditionen

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor,Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocketcast, Radiopublic und Spotify anhören. - Aufwendiger backen - She & Him und Frank Sinatra - Lichterketten! Diese liebe ic...

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Clean & Cruelty Free Christmas Make-Up

Here is my second little tutorial on how to do a clean & cruelty free Christmas Make-up without much effort! I posted a step by step fast reel on my Instagram so feel free to check it out! What...

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#33 Low Low Budget Geschenke und Deko

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor,Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocketcast, Radiopublic und Spotify anhören. Geschenke: Diy Cinnamon Body Scrub Bade Bomben Diy Facial Oil...

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Food Gift Ideas

Gifting doesn't always have to be expensive and exclusive but can literally be something sweet and handmade to show the person how much they mean to you. There are a few Go-To Food Gifts I'd l...

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Clean & CF Basic Christmas Look

Hello Clean Beauty and Christmas Lovers! Today I want to show you a really uncomplicated Christmas-ish look which is entirely clean. I am not a make-up pro and not trying to be - just showing somet...

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#32 Mein Umgang mit dem Tod meines Bruders

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor,Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocketcast, Radiopublic und Spotify anhören. Michel redet über den Tod seines Bruders. ...

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WhatsApp Image 2020-11-28 at 18.59.22

Sustainable Parent & Advent Gift Guide

1 - Ornaments are small enough for advent calendar and not too pricey! Get one that person likes. 2 - Glitter Socks are also a good size for an advent calendar and these are super cute. 3- Every...

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Jewelery , Home & Tech Lover Sustainable Gift Guide.

1 - Birth Stone Necklace from a beautiful German sustainable brand ! 2 - They are an ethical brand with many treasures! 3 - Personal Note Necklace 4 - Beautiful Earrings from my favorite brand...

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She & Him Sustainable Christmas Guide

I will post more the following days <33 Hope this helps! From left to right (sorry, was too lazy to insert the numbers) : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Have fun!...

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#31 Unbeliebte Meinungen

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor,Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocketcast, Radiopublic und Spotify anhören. Kekse und Love actually und All I want for Christmas sind ein no no She & him...

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Gift Guide for Book Lovers

I think gifting a book is one of the most intimate things one can do. It suggests that this persons knows you and leads you into a world they think you will enjoy. You will always connect that book ...

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Sustainable Outdoor Clothes

Hello Eco Enthusiasts and Skeptics! Today I want to show you how much fun fair fashion can be and that everyone will discover their style in that corner of the fashion industry. Eco doesn't have to...

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#29 Regeln und Pausen in (Fern)Beziehungen

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor,Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocketcast, Radiopublic und Spotify anhören. Regeln in unserer Beziehung Wie oft sehen wir uns, preis teilen, gemeinsamer i...

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Natural Skin Care Gift Guide.

Hello my fellow skin-care & wellness lovers! Leonie and I have been talking so much about Christmas presents and I'm honestly a tiny bit lost this year( lost is the word of my year, ha!). I don...

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Feeling all the Feels.

I feel like my life ain’t mine. Before any of you read this I want to emphasize that there are much worser things in life and I really try to be less of a sissy. Many people in my lif...

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#29: Weihnachtsgeschenke?

Michel redet über die pragmatischen Dinge des Schenkens wie Budget, ein großartiger Hack und die Vorbereitung Go to presents : Schlafanzug, Mütze, Schals(...) Alles muss schön verpackt ...

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#28: 10 Witzige Storys über Michel und Sarah

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor,Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocketcast, Radiopublic und Spotify anhören. Die Schlafwandel Story Die Kino Story Der vergessene Geburtstag Stille Sara...

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#27 : Budget Wohnungseinrichtung für Studenten

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor,Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocketcast, Radiopublic und Spotify anhören. Vom Günstigsten zum Teuersten : Bekannte, abeauifulmess blog für d...

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26: #Zweifel an unserer Beziehung

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor,Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocketcast, Radiopublic und Spotify anhören. Wann wir Zweifel Höhen und Tiefen akzeptieren Viel Spaß. -xo, S...

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#25: Fernbeziehung zu Corona Zeiten

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor,Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocketcast, Radiopublic und Spotify anhören 2 Personen erzählen von ihren Fernbeziehungen während Corona die beide einen sehr g...

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#24 Life Update

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor, Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocketcast, Radiopublic and Spotify hören Unsere Reise Über diese Instagrammerin habe ich die Unterkünfte gefunden Das Passi...

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#23: Reise Bucketlist

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor, Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, PocketCast, RadioPublic und Spotify Casa Caracol - Das Muschel Haus Thailand - Michels Borgo pignano - nachhaltiges Hotel C...

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#22: Das musst du wissen - Medizinstudium

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor, Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Radio Public und Spotify. Meine verschiedenen Pläne Nc Frei Studieren - Wo geht das und Wie? Appbank Credit S...

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#21 : 10 Tipps für Langezeit Beziehungen

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor, Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocketcast, Radiopublic und Spotify hören. Warum schlechte Phasen sowas von okay sind! Wir gehen auf die Aufmerksamkeit ein ...

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#20 : Selbstoptimierung

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor, Breaker, Google, Appel, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Radio Public und Spotify hören. Unsere Morgenroutine Es ist okay seine Routine ständig zu ändern I will teach...

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#19: Urlaub mit Freunden planen

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor, Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocket Cast, Radio Public und Spotify hören. Wir erzählen wie genau wir den Urlaub mit Freunden planen Was ihr beachten müsst...

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#18: Budgetplanung

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor, Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Radio Public and Spotify anhören. Wir reden über mein Studium welches bezahlt werden muss Wie viel mein Studium...

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#16 & #17: Was Frauen wirklich wollen & Was Männer wirklich wollen

Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Anchor, Breaker, Google, Appel, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Radio Public und Spotify hören! <3 - Leonie und ich reden über unsere Man Crushes. Hello Evan Peters, Orlando & Sp...

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#15 : 16487 Km Fernbeziehung

Ihr könnt euch unseren Podcast bei Anchor, Breaker, Google, Apple, Overcast, Pocket Cast, Radio Public und Spotify anhören Alisa erzählt über die Hürden einer Fernbeziehung von Deutschland nach A...

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Last Minute Witch Make-Up (90% clean)

Hello Witches! It's this time of the year again and even tough we are all probably sitting inside , eating candy and watching a halloween movie , I will definitely wear a simple costume. All thos...

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How To Avoid Winter Skin.

As much as I love Autumn & Winter I can not say the same thing for my skin. Some days it feels like someone stapled it really tightly behind my ears and cornifications on my nose are not a stranger....

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Things that bring me happiness in times like these.

1. E-courses The world of e-courses is huge and brings me immense joy because 1) You actually learn a new skill while 2) Having Fun! I think it was never that easy to learn a language, cooking te...

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FF Fall Wishlist 2020.

Hello my Fall Lovers! Before we begin let me say that this is not a must have list or anything alike! This should simply be a inspiration and if you are a student like me or simply don't have the p...

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Clean Lip Products for everyday

It's no secret that I am obsessed with good clean beauty finds to eliminate stigmas once and for all. Clean Beauty is just as good as conventional one, period. I recently realized that I prefer...

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Daily Doodles (2) : No Big Deal

Day 2 As I woke up on Monday in a beautiful passive house hotel ( low energy, environmental friendly hotel), Mr. doubt was so far behind me that he completely left my mind. That’s the beauty o...

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Daily Doodles (1) : Mr. Doubt

I’m starting a new series called Daily Doodles which will be like...mh...yeah, I would say: a diary entry. I truly enjoy documenting my life....

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Episode#13 Streit in der Beziehung & #14 Wie entscheide ich meine Zukunft

Hier kann man unseren Podcast hören Anchor, Beaker, Google , Overcast , Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Spotify und iTunes. 13 - Wir reden über unsere größten Streit Themen und wie wir versuchen kosntr...

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Episode #11 Bucketlist & #12 Bedingungslose Liebe

Ihr könnt den Podcast auf anchor, breaker, google, overcast, pocket casts, RadioPublic, Spotify und iTunes. #11 - Solch ein Motorrad will Michel haben. - Network Event in Las Vegas von dem Mi...

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WhatsApp Image 2020-05-11 at 19.10.00

#10 Fragen von euch an uns

#10 Ihr könnt den Podcast bei Spotify, Anchor, Beaker, Google. , Overcast, Pocket Cast, Radio Public und iTunes Wir haben nicht viel über Produkte geredet deswegen nur ein kurzer Blogpost dazu. Di...

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Why our skin ages and how to prevent it.

SKIN ANATOMY Let’s start with the Basics: The anatomy of our skin. Our skin consists of three layers. The Epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer. The epidermis is basically our protec...

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Podcast: Ideen für nach dem Abi/Studium & Wie es ist wieder bei den Eltern zu wohnen (Cheat Sheet)

Ihr könnt unseren Podcast bei Spotify, iTunes, Anchor, Breaker, Google, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Radio Public viel spaß!! -Folge 8- Was tun nach dem Abi/Studium/ oder generell während einer Ausz...

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How I survive living with my parents again(because of COVID-19)

Okay first up: Don't get me wrong. I adore my parents. I love spending time with them I love asking for their opinions and listening to theirs. But my parents have many "rules" at home ( the kitchen...

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How to do Brunch Platters

A while ago, my friend Leonie made this amazing Brunch Platter wich made the Brunch so more fancy. Ever since every Brunch takes place with a Brunch Platter. Here are some ideas from Pinterest but i...

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Podcast 6&7: 6 Tips für Fernbeziehungen und Change of plans(cheat sheet)

Hallo Leute:) Unseren Podcast kann man bei Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Spotify & iTunes hören:) Folge 6 - Unsere Tips sind : Gemeinsame Hobbys die ihr...

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#4 & #5 Gibt es the one? + Filme die uns geprägt haben. (podcast cheat sheet)

Hello ihr lieben, wie ihr wisst führen Michel und ich seit einer Woche einen Podcast. Ihr könnt ihn auf bei Spotify, iTunes, Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts und Radiopublic ...

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Grain Free Granola (To food list)

I posted last week the link to my "To food" list and I am determined to finish my list this semester! I tried the grain free granola ( only nuts!!) today and it gets a 10/10! Here is the recipe - it...

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How and where you can shop sustainable

Hello guys! Let's dive in into the world of sustainable fashion: First of all. How do I shop on second -hand websites? First of all I check my favorite bloggers, fashion brands for some inspiration...

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Longdistance Existence - the podcast (CHEAT SHEET)

Sorry guys, this post will be in german since Michael and my podcast is in our native language: ENDLICH!!!! ist unser podcast da! Es war schwieriger als ich dachte und ich bin immer noch nicht so ...

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My "to food" list

Hello! I hope you are all well & healthy! For the ones who have to stay home : this post is for you! I think a great distraction / hobby is to cook & bake everything I always wanted to do! Maybe a...

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Pink Tile Backdrop DIY

Tile Backdrops are great for food photography and quite easy to make. All you need is: Tiles of your choice ( I choose those ones) Tile Glue Wooden Board Apply the glue like in this ...

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The Everyday Adventure Philosophy

I always hear the phrase - make everyday life an adventure - all over social media but what does it even mean? How can life be an adventure everyday? Is it even possible? YES. It really is because i...

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Cheap, Vegan Meal Ideas

The economy is crashing and I have the feeling/fear that after the corona situation is more under control, people won’t pay much attention to the environment anymore. PLEASE, don’t do this mistake...

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Instagram Book Club

Hello friends! I think I don't have to say anything about the corona situation since we all get a ton of news. Instead I want to try to show you things we can do together alone! Like reading. If yo...

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How to balance a healthy diet with a busy schedule

Hello you! I know that many people don't care about a healthy diet but I just feel so much better when I eat clean. Every time I have busy or long days I find it to be a bit difficult to stay on my...

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Clean Lipstick Brands I love

Hello Friends! As you know, I've been really passionate about clean beauty for the last couple of years. I loved diving into this new world and discovering many new brands which I want to share here...

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Falafel Salad (halfway homemade)

My roommate / bestie Leonie is the main cook of our household and really has the best ideas (+ It always tastes good !!). Like every student we wanted something quick and easy but still healthy. Oka...

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Love Letters : Valentines Day Vol.14

I know that most people hate Valentines Day and I really don't make much of a fuss about it but my mama always did something for us kids on valentines day and growing up I loved doing something with...

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Bad Student - Good Student (my study journey)

Hi everybody!! Today I wanted to share my journey from being a lazy student to being a good, solid student. So how should I start…maybe with the beginning: When I was little I wanted to be a dandr...

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Exam Session: Calm Down

Hi friends! I'm a bit stressed but still want to write this post about my "techniques" on how to calm down before a big exam. I have an oral on tuesday in dermatology and I still need to study a l...

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My Goals for After Exam Session

It is so important to have a goal / something to look forward to after exam session because you can work towards something and see at as you reward! I have several things to look forwards to, so let...

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Love Letters: Fancy Study Supplies Vol.13

Here are some things I would like to have (but don't have) to make studying more glamorous: Colorful lunchbags and reusable ?? Bringing snacks to Uni never looked this good. An Eco Pen to pass ...

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"Healthy" & Vegan Choc Pudding

My study mode is officially in it's glory and the days seem to be a constant repetition of the same thing. A loop of studying and basic human needs. I always try to find a little highlight during this...

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7 years w/ Michel

7 YEARS wit Michael, what?!?! If someone would have told my teenage self that I would be in a 7 year relationship with the age of almost 24 I would have thought: Omg, have… have I become boring? ...

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Things to do during Examunary

Hello fellow students! If you also have many tests / exams the following weeks, this post is for you. I know how it is: you glimpse into the future of Jan / Feb and moan. What a stupid month, what a ...

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Meatless Monday: Protein Guide

Hello friends, For everyone who has been following me on instagram knows that I am trying to show people veggie/ vegan alternatives. One initiative is that I post a meatless monday recipe every mo...

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Love Letters: Sustainable Gift Guide Vol.12

Christmas Dresses are always a good idea! I think PJ's are always a good gift! This one is simple but cute. Gifting calendars for 2020 can also be a practical gift. Someone who just moved alw...

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Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas

I am not from America but Leonie and me love to host friendsgiving ( you know - food and drinks, what do you need more). So here are a few vegan TG recipes if you have no idea what to do : Vegan...

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Leonies Vegan Carbonara

Hi friends!! As you know : today is Meatless Monday so I want to show you a nice meat replacement recipe! 80 g Cashews / 2/3 cup ( set into a water bath overnight). 2 TBSP Yeast Flakes 1/2 te...

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Wishlist Kopie

Fair Fashion Winter Wishlist.

1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16 I am really passionate about fair fashion because the fashion industry is a huge contributor to global warming. Fair Fashion seems really hippie at first but...

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Love Letter (to myself) Vol. 11

Today's love letter is dedicated to myself because we all tend to watch us with a critical eye, sometimes too critical. But truth be told: I started liking everything about myself once I've left thi...

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Student - friendly Thanksgiving Decor.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I'm german so we don't celebrate it but ever since I celebrated it with my cousin in Budapest, I really liked the idea of coming together and eating with ...

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How to travel more sustainable.

Traveling is not good for the environment, period. But its a big part of every millennials life & always try to find a solution instead telling everyone what not to do including myself. Flying contr...

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Student - friendly Halloween Decor

Hello Witches! There is only one thing I am excited about being old one day: I will have a whole house to decorate + money to buy decor. YEY. But for now we don't want to spend much $$ on decor...

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What I've learned from 4 years LD.

This is my 4th year in a long distance relationship and it has been actually quite easy. Why? Because I’ve been so busy with school and Michael was able to visit me every 2-3 weeks. Long Di...

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Love Letters Vol. 10

The start of school is always busy and haven't quite find my groove for this blog yet. But I really want to post more - so here is a Love Letter for starters. I recently love to shop second- han...

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ACS_4638 2

To craft: Autumn/Halloween (low budget)

Do you know the feeling of pinning a thousand projects and never get anything done? Yeah, same. Especially during autumn I like to make my home look festive. As students, DIY is the easiest way to...

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(Vegan) PS Hot Chocolate.

Please do not kill me but I don't like coffee. Never have. There is only one exception: PSL! It's very basic, I know, but there is just something really comforting about it. I love PS Hot chocolate ...

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About dreams.

The difference between real dreams and comfort dreams: I've always had lots of dreams. Dreams about being who I want to be, dreams about my future, dreams about certain moments. Some of them were just...

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Fall Wishlist.

Hello World! I've been through Etsy and Second hand shops A LOT lately. I guess it's because I'm feeling cozy and I'm in the mood for some autumn -ish items. I thought it would be useful to share ...

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Autumn Tea 3 ways

I know , I know... how can I not love coffee? I'm a Tea Lover, forever and ever. When I was little, people told me that I will love coffee someday but I don't and I don't mind at all. Tea means cozi...

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Tips for (medical) internships

Be nice - seems like a very simple thing to do but many people are too shy or just too grumpy (my brother for instance) to smile at the doctors & nurses when saying hello. I always feel like that ...

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Back w/ a Bang & why 2019 sucks

Hi world! I’ve been pretty busy this year & totally put blogging into a corner of my mind. I thought about continuing after I finished my exams but I just miss it & want to start all over again...

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ACS_0301 2

5 Tips for Long Distance Relationship

I'm putting this post off for too long. It's harder than you, but it makes you stronger. I dont want to say I'm a pro in LDR but I survived for 3 years: 1.Schedule your "visiting" time: It's not ...

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Reflection time: Documented my life for a week

Documenting my life for a week. Hi friends! If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw that I have my life for a week & I have to admit that I started to understand vloggers - it's like ...

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7 Low - Budget Halloween Decor Ideas

This blog post might be a little late, but it's never too late to make your apartment autumn ready. It's never easy for students to decorate their room / apartment. But halloween decor options are...

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