Summer Homebody Essentials (halfway sustainable)

Juli 14, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 /. (left to right, top to bottom) 

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Fair Sunnies.

Juli 8, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


If you follow my Instagram Account, you know I'm all about Fair Fashion(various reason, maybe I'll go in more depth in another post). It's July which means we all need to protect our eyes and potential wrinkles so I thought I will show you 3 Brands which one sunglass each to give you more options. 




-hope this helps <33

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Second-hand Spring Dresses

März 22, 2021 by Sarah Moniri



Here is the promised secondhand spring dresses post! :) Hope this inspires you to check out more secondhand fashion. 

From Left to right, down to low.

1) Size S for 88 Euros

2) Size S for 50 Euros

3) Size M for 14,50 Euro

4) Size Xs for 245 Euro

5) Size M for 110 Euro

6)Size S for 220 Euro

7) Size S for 216 Euro

8) Size XS for 18 Euro

9) Size M for 115 Euro


have a lovely day , xo Sarah.

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Fair Floral Dresses

März 10, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9. (from left to right, up to down)

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Cute Etsy Finds Just Because.

Februar 13, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I think Etsy can be a black hole. I could spend hours on their so today I want to show you some recent finds! I also prefer supporting small businesses always. 

1) I love a good crazy grandma item so this would be so much fun to wear while studying. 

2) I think Etsy is the best place for clay earrings. I love these and have a few myself. 

3) I need new bed sheets and I love burned orange!

4) They are so cute. Especially with Spring around the corner I can imagine them on a lovely wooden table with soft light falling on them.

5) Etsy also have amazing ceramics and these remind me of the beauty of the beast. 

6) I told you about this new vintage button trend right? This one is so chic, I ordered this one nevertheless.

7) I love a good Jumpsuit. This one is made out of linen which is very smooth on the skin in summer. 

8) I want to start film photography some day and this one would be my go to choice because..... yellow. 

9) I already linked a similar one in my love letters post but it needs more attention. Romantic Vibes forever. 


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7 min. Clean Day Make-up for busy mornings

Februar 11, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I really don't know why but ever since corona, I got really into Make-up. I've mentioned this a couple posts back but I can't emphasize enough how untypical this is for me. With that being said,  I still need a quick routine for mornings I have to wake up early and leave for the hospital. I have absolutely NO priority to wake up even earlier to go glamed up to a hospital which is definitely the wrong place to wear an overly done look. I want something I feel hydrated and comfortable in and this is definitely it.


This very simple but comfy look took me 7 min (no joke). Perfect for busy mornings. 


Like everyone , I start with my primer and blend it very well into my skin. I use the Bitebeauty primer and it gives my skin a nice and even look. 


Next up, I follow with my favorite foundation and a fluid bronzer. I like to have a moisturized glow , especially when I'm inside all day. 



A tiny bit of contouring ( we ain't got time for the big one). I love this concealer the most. 


This is my favorite Glow Up Set ever. I use it everyday. I add a bit on my cheeks, underbrow and upper lip and tap it into my skin. 


Let's focus on the eyes: I use the Honest Beauty Mascara for the ultimate whip, the Ilia eyeliner to make my eyes awake and the ilia brow brush to give my brows some life. 


I finish with my lips ( In corona times unnecessary). I line them with BiteBeauty Liners and add some gloss in the middle. 


-xo, Sarah. 

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Clean Contouring Products I love.

Januar 30, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I think Corona made me more fascinated with any kind of aesthetics. I'm longing for grandiose Ropes while listening to Lana Delray and reading trough 50's fashion books. It's weird how our personalities and interests shift during a pandemic. I guess I'm longing for a glamorous lifestyle after months of living in sweats. 

Another thing that started to interest me is Make-up. A reason for this is the show Euphoria and another one is again: the pandemic. I got really into colorful eyeshadow and  want to buy Halsey's new line aboutface! Ever since the beginning of Christmas I started to contour again! (last time was 2015 ha!) So I thought it would help you guys to show you my favorite clean Contour products: 

Ilia Highlighter Astrid - Liquid Gold! Love this for my cheeks, upper lip, chin and under eyebrows.

RMS Highlighter - This is good for precise work and I like to use that darker shade for the sides of my forehead. The texture and shimmer is also a huge plus. 

Ilia Bronzer - My newest purchase and I'm already involve! I use this Video for contouring and it's so useful for her technique. 

Tarte Powder Bronzer - I use this for blending my cheeks and it's still a clean product (not everything from tarte is clean!

Blush and Highlighter - Lily and Lolo is an amazing clean brand and their highlighter shimmers nicely in light.

Ilia Concelear - AHHHHHH! TH BEST! Omg, I can't get enough. Perfect texture and coverage. GET IT NOW! My shade is chicory( I prefer a lighter shade than my actual skin color)

This brush Set - Has all the brushes you will need and is eco friendly. 


Hope this helps! 

-xo Sarah. 



My second-hand challenge.

Januar 27, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I know most people aren't too pumped about New Years resolution but I always like to make a challenge out of it! This year, I decided to only shop second hand with some exceptions which I will name soon. The reason for this challenge? I want to reduce my environmental impact, create a unique style and save money. Second-hand shopping can be so personal and special with one in a lifetime items so I'm really looking forward to this. 


Platforms I use: 

This is the first item I purchases this year! All those Lana Delray Vibes omg. 

I also want to finally work on the Curated Closet Work Book!

Exceptions: Underwear, Bikinis, Socks and my prom dress (incase we will have it). 


This is all for now!

-xo, Sarah. 

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Start your Curl Journey right.

Januar 25, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


  1. Learn about your hair : We are all so individual, so there is no strict recipe for the achievement of nice, bouncy curls. You have to study your hair, research the perfect shampoo for your type of hair and be aware of any kind of reactions to it. It’s a lot , I know , but curls are just a complicated business. Here is a chart to find more about your hair type 





2. Cut the Crap : There is a reason why I am a clean beauty advocate. I’m sorry to break it to you, but you have to eliminate all dirty ingredients( use the think dirty app). They destroy your hair, Period. 

3. Cleanse correctly : This will be a whole different blogpost but for starters, make sure to use the "squish to condish" technique when applying conditioner after you cleansed your hair with a 2 min shampoo massage. I can also recommend to cleanse with a conditioner only ( Called cleansing conditioner)! Use a deep conditioner once a week. 

4. Styling is Key: Use your preferred gel, cream or leave in treatment BUT the most important technique is indeed plopping ( I do it for 40 min). Here is a video in how to do it. 

5. Wet Dry or Diffusor Dry : This is totally up to you! Try both to see what you like more!

6. Be patient:  I’m still in the beginning of my journey and still learn new things everyday! Keep in mind,  that your wash day won’t always be successful and that it can take a few years until your hair will be the way you like' em. Don’t compare yourself to others! We are all so unique. Take pictures along the process and embrace that beautiful curl head of yours!


-xo, Sarah. 


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Clean & Cruelty Free Christmas Make-Up

Dezember 9, 2020 by Sarah Moniri



Here is my second little tutorial on how to do a clean & cruelty free Christmas Make-up without much effort! I posted a step by step fast reel on my Instagram so feel free to check it out! 

What you will need: A palette similar to this one , Biodegradable Glitter and your go tos (Mascara, Foundation, Concelear, Contouring thingys)

  1. Leonie started to blend the 1st color of the last row of this palette on my eye(the whole lid).  Blend the hell out of it until its nice contributed and well incorporated into your Skin. 
  2. Use the same color and line your water line with it.  Line your eyeline as well. 
  3. Mix the Bronze Shade (2nd row , 2nd color of the Ilia palette) and the Glitter Shade ( 1st row , 1st color) together and apply to the middle to your eyelid. Blend well. 
  4. Take the brown color (3rd row, 2nd color) and use it like a eyeliner with a tiny brush.
  5. Now apply your glitter wherever you like it( We contributed it all over the eyelid) Swipe away excess glitter which has fallen on your cheeks. 
  6. Lastly I simply applied my make-up routine : concealer, make-up, brow brush, mascara , highlighter and bronzer) 
  7. I think a cranberry colored lipgloss fits this look! 



Image00001 Kopie


Hope you will enjoy this!

xo, Sarah. 

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