Pink Tile Backdrop DIY

März 27, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


Tile Backdrops are great for food photography and quite easy to make. All you need is: 

  1. Tiles of your choice ( I choose those ones)
  2. Tile Glue 
  3. Wooden Board 



Apply the glue like in this picture(not too much so it won't squeeze out of the sides) 


Press them gently on your wooden board and wait at least 2 hours before you lift your board.


TADAA (Michael removed the overstanding wooden areas so make it look cleaner.) 

Have fun doing it!

xo, sarah. 

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Student - friendly Thanksgiving Decor.

November 13, 2019 by Sarah Moniri


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I'm german so we don't celebrate it but ever since I celebrated it with my cousin in Budapest, I really liked the idea of coming together and eating with friends/ family. 

We have been hosting Thanksgiving since our 1st year of Medical School but I liked our table last year the most. Leonie is a real Decor Champ and just knows what looks good. Here is what we did: 


I bought a ton of Hazelnuts, Mandarines pomegranate and some orange flowers. All we need is build a layer of the hazelnuts and lay a mandarine or pomegranate on the carpet of hazelnuts every now and then.


We didn't have enough vases so we just used our Russian mule cups!


Here you see how we arranged it! Leonie has a real talent for things like this!!


I found them at our Local Craft Store - So cute!!! 


Hope this helps your budget friendly but creative heart! 

-xo, Sarah. 

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Student - friendly Halloween Decor

Oktober 23, 2019 by Sarah Moniri



Hello Witches! 

There is only one thing I am excited about being old one day: I will have a whole house to decorate + money to buy decor. YEY. But for now we don't want to spend much $$ on decor supplies and actually managed to make our apartment look festive without much of a budget. Keep the decor things for as long as possible! It's not only cheaper , it is also better for the environment. 

This Skull is from Tiger and was around 4 euros. Leonie ( my roommate) painted it with colors we still had at home.


This used to be a garland we bought back in 17 for around 4-6 euros I believe. We removed the thread and taped them into our kitchen. 


Some people have a whole halloween village but so far we only have two witch houses (from 2018)! I want to extend this collection one day! All you need to do is buy some bird houses and get creative:) 



The Hocus Pocus one is my favorite :) 


This ghost garland and the bats are the only new additions to our halloween decor this year. The garland is from our local craft store (Paper concept, Wroclaw). 



The best project ever! All you need is black Paper and a scissor. Leonie drew the bat and she and Ranja ( a friend from Uni) cut them out. Leonie taped them to the wall and VOILA. 


Backdrops from 17 and another painter skull. 


This was fun! 

- have a good night, xo Sarah. 

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To craft: Autumn/Halloween (low budget)

September 25, 2019 by Sarah Moniri

ACS_4638 2
Do you know the feeling of pinning a thousand projects and never get anything done? 

Yeah, same. 

Especially during autumn I like to make my home look festive. As students, DIY is the easiest way to decorate without spending too much $. 

Here are a few low budget projects, I'm planning on doing. 


Hope you want to try some of those !!

  • xo, Sarah. 


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7 Low - Budget Halloween Decor Ideas

Oktober 27, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

This blog post might be a little late, but it's never too late to make your apartment autumn ready. 

It's never easy for students to decorate their room / apartment. 

But halloween decor options are:


PUMPKINS -  The simplest decor of them all! They are cheap and you can get crazy creative with them! I definitely want to do more with pumpkins next year. 


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Student Decor: Bar Cart DIY (low budget)

Oktober 18, 2018 by Sarah Moniri



This series of "student decor" is made for students who want to decorate but beautiful decor. I have a dream, but this is another story. It's so easy to decorate and make your apartment pretty simple and simple. I want to have a simple and cozy apartment.

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Student Decor: Family Photo Wall

Oktober 10, 2018 by Sarah Moniri


When I moved into my first apartment, I didn’t decorate at all because it was only temporary. Nevertheless, I always loved decorating! So I decided to decorate my next apartment in a beautiful, creative way. As we all know: Students are on a budget. They don’t have much money for expensive decor accessories. So what I can always recommend is: Pictures. Picture Walls. Picture displayed at shelves. In general pictures. They can have a huge impact on your apartments appearance and are very affordable.

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Tips & Reasons for Photobooks

Oktober 8, 2018 by Sarah Moniri



10 years, I decided it's time to have them printed.  Keep them on my external drive scares me & tbh, I never look through them.  I need physical photos, I need to turn pages & look closely at faces. All those memories need a place to be, and for that's not a computer.

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Easy & Quick : A vintage background

September 6, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

Every Food/Beauty/Fashion Blogger needs a good background! It's a general rule, haha. I asked myself for years where to find them before starting to do them myself! This is my first one and I'm quite pleased about the outcome. It only takes one afternoon( plus the night cause the color needs to dry!).


Here is what you will need: 

  • 2 wooden boards 
  • sand paper 
  • a scraper 
  • white paint 
  • wood stain 
  • wood wax/butter 
  • paint brushes 


Step 1 - Cut the boards into the same length. This will make it easier to carry them around and lay them out for your shooting. 


Step 2 - sand the wood with the sand paper. 


Step 3 - Apply wood stain. Wait till it's dry and soaked into the wood. 


Step 4 - Gently grease the parts you want to scrap later. This will make it easier to scratch the paint away. 


Step 5 - apply white paint and let it dry. I applied 2 layers to have a more intense look. 


Step 6 -  After a few hours you can scratch away the paint! ( where you applied the butter)  ACS_0038

And this is it! Pretty simple, huh? I use it for diys and food photography. It's very convenient. Have fun making it! 


-xo Sarah

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