7 years w/ Michel

Januar 13, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


7 YEARS wit Michael, what?!?! 

If someone would have told my teenage self that I would be in a 7 year relationship with the age of almost 24 I would have thought: Omg, have… have I become boring? 

Relax 16 year old Sarah. You are not boring!

Because that is what I used to think: People in relationships are NO fun. I still experience some couples to whom this applies to but hey! no hate here, you do you! 


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5 Tips for Long Distance Relationship

November 7, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

I'm putting this post off for too long. It's harder than you, but it makes you stronger.  

I dont want to say I'm a pro in LDR but I survived for 3 years: 

1.Schedule your "visiting" time: It's not good to do things spontaneously. You have to plan your montly visits! This is my first tip to survive. If you know exactly when you want to see each other again, it's easier to concentrate on your life instead of asking yourself if its even worth it. I recommend every 3 weeks (at least)

2.Facetime at least every two days: Even when it's just for a minute in the bathroom, in the kitchen or on your little chores. This will make you feel like your partner is still part of your daily life.  

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A little love: 5 years with my boyfriend.

Januar 13, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

Today is kind of a big deal. 5 years ago, my boyfriend asked me (you won’t guess whats coming now) to be his girlfriend. I know 5 years is kind of a long time for a 21 y/o, right?
I’ve enjoyed every year to the fullest and love to see how our lifes and everything around us changes so much but we’re the constant that we’ll always be there.



BUT, yes here comes the BIG BUT…the 5th year has been the toughest so far.
This might sound a little harsh... but I simply don’t want to sugarcoat things, especially if somebody else out there is wondering if there are other people who feel sad about a long distance relationship sometimes - the answer is yes and that´s okay.
Everyone who has ever had it, knows that a long-distance relationship can destroy even the strongest, most loving couples. To be honest I could have never imagined that such a silly thing like LD could ever doubt my relationship but well, it did.
The first 1 1/2 years were way more easier to handle. Either because we've seen each other the first 2 1/2 years almost everyday or because you are way more naive and determined in the beginning of LD.
One thing I've realized over the past couple of years is, that no matter where you start college/ university there are always a few LD- relationships in the beginning of the school year and sadly by the end of the year 80% of this people we’ll be single.
There a less and less people you can relate to anymore and more more singles you just can’t relate to.
Don’t get me wrong - I rather hang out with singles than with couples- but I wanted to have a person who is in a similar situation like me.




During the 3rd semester, I’ve had some moments when I felt sorry for myself ( ugh, pathetic) just because my friends flirted with people when we went out or started dating someone and I felt like I have no-one.
I’ve spent some hours crying about how lonely I am and how unfair it was that I could never see my boyfriend when I wanted…what a waste of time! Instead of wollowing in self-pity I could have been thankful to have such a loving relationship at all.
I know now, that this was so selfish and whining of me, but you know how it is when you are drunk and obsess about minor things - they feel like the end of the f***** world.
But realizing your mistake, your entitled values is the first step to change them. The best „therapy“ for me is talking to my friends and most importantly to my boyfriend about it.
Relationships, especially LDR need nourishing, attention and you should never take them for granted, but I did and it’s time to change that.





Nevertheless, all this melodrama brought something very powerful with it: being able to go trough a hard time because you see each other every 2-3 weeks ( I know it doesn’t sound that bad but you are not together with someone to occasionally see them) makes your bound even stronger.
I feel like our relationship is more stable than ever because we know now how to handle situations like this and created our own little system to still be included in each others daily life.
Looking back at 2017 it was the most important year of our relationship and the best proof that it’ll always work out somehow.
When we are together it’s the perfect balance of everything I ever wished for and I’ve had such a magical year with you.
You know what they say! The lows are low and highs are very high:
- Your picture collection of my weird sleeping (see picture below)
- Our trips to LV, Palm Springs, Austria and Italy
- When you laugh about me - yes about me not with me
- The way you tell me how proud you are that I care so less what people think of me when it comes to social media
- Plan talk, deep talk, vision talk
- Endless hours of traveling just to see each other ( you more than me)
- Be there for big and small moments
- I love when you clean, cook do small things for me - this means a lot
- The way you just know how to talk to people and that there is not a single person I know that doesn’t think you are awesome
- The fact that simple things feel so major when I’m with you



I seriously think that my boyfriend is the best person(even my friends say so haha) in this world and keeping up with my bullshit/melodrama in 2017 means everything to me.
Falling in love with you over and over again.
Sorry for getting so cheesy guys.




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