Love Letters Vol : Glam Up. Vol. 16

Februar 7, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


Hello Internet Friends! 

I hope you are doing well in all this madness! I honestly have to say that I'm getting better by the minute. Weirdly, dressing up really lifts my mood and I'm getting obsessed with 90's Glam Make -up styles. With that said....

  1. ... Here is the Tutorial I used for the look on the picture. She seems like someone I would be afraid of but  I am kind of obsessed with her nevertheless. 
  2. I am eyeing this Vintage Choker. Fits my current decade obsession. 
  3. Also: I need this liquid eye shadow in my life. Preferably in every shade, thank you.
  4. I feel like I need this mirror in my life. I don't know why. I just feel this on a deep aesthetic level. 
  5. Do you remember Gabriella from Desperate Housewives? I feel like this would be her type of shoe. 

So that's it so far. Very glamorous.

- xo Sarah. 

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Love Letters : It's okay. Vol.15

Januar 31, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


After a long break of Love Letters, I'm bringing this format back. It's a cute way to sum up my weekly findings (not want to brag but they are pretty good). 

I honestly have to say that I am a bit overwhelmed with my whole current life situation.  Nothing dramatic but it's not easy to just swallow your feelings down and continue. So I'm allowing to feel them while being grateful with everything I have. 

So let's start!: 

  1. A mood lifter for me is definitely browsing trough Etsy and I'm in love with this new designer button necklaces. This is the one I would get if I would have money right now ha. 
  2. I want to try this recipe. Cooking during this time of the year can bring so much comfort and joy. 
  3. I'm in desperate need of house slippers. I feel like home wear got a whole remodel during 2020 and is so chic now As you know, I'm doing a second-hand challenge so it's a bit harder to find unused house slippers but I would get these if I wouldn't do this challenge.
  4. My favorite thing in this world right now is petitedoodles. Her mindset is a life saver for me right now. 
  5. I cant wait for To all the boys I loved before N.3!! It's my valentines day tradition :) 

That's it right now:) Hope you have a good one <3

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Love Letters : Valentines Day Vol.14

Februar 9, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


I know that most people hate Valentines Day and I really don't make much of a fuss about it but my mama always did something for us kids on valentines day and growing up I loved doing something with my friends on that day (like a sleepover )! So here are a few thing you can gift your mum, a friend or even boy / girlfriend: 


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Love Letters: Fancy Study Supplies Vol.13

Januar 26, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


Here are some things I would like to have (but don't have) to make studying more glamorous: 

  1. Colorful lunchbags and reusable ?? Bringing snacks to Uni never looked this good.
  2. An Eco Pen to pass exams and be good to the planet at the same time (you can plant it after using). Will buy this one soon!
  3. Not necessarily need this . Just a good reminder when you had a long study day. 
  4. We all know that the desk needs to be clean before one can study. You are a psycho if you study on a messy desk. Would love the organize my desk with something like this !
  5. I have my eyes on this facial oil . How does a facial oil help you studying you ask? How can it not help?

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Love Letters: Sustainable Gift Guide Vol.12

Dezember 8, 2019 by Sarah Moniri


  1. Christmas Dresses are always a good idea!
  2. I think PJ's are always a good gift! This one is simple but cute. 
  3. Gifting calendars for 2020 can also be a practical gift. 
  4. Someone who just moved always needs things for their apartment. This vase is really pretty. 
  5. Call me weird but I am always happy when someone gifts me socks
  6. My Mama always needs Wine Glasses. I think Anthropologie has the most amazing ones. 
  7. Grandchildren Birth dates for your Grandma. 
  8. Personalized Christmas Sweaters for your family. My brother loved this one.
  9. Illustration of a family picture!  
  10. Do something with your loved ones photos! Like this keychain or this fridge magnets
  11. I also love to gift Ulgy Christmas Sweaters, Mittens or a Scarf. Really anything winter related. 
  12. You need a non toxic eye shadow palette? This one is the one. 


I could go on and on but I hope this will give you some ideas. 

Have a beautiful Sunday. 

-xo, sarah. 

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Love Letter (to myself) Vol. 11

November 17, 2019 by Sarah Moniri


Today's love letter is dedicated to myself because we all tend to watch us with a critical eye, sometimes too critical. But truth be told: I started liking everything about myself once I've left this awkward teenage phase. I stopped thinking about how I want my body to look like, I simply did everything I could to make it look the way I wanted it to be. When I felt like doing my hair I did, when I wanted to wear a pretty bra with a wide blouse, I did. I started to do everything I wanted to ( as long as it didn´t  hurt anyone). I embraced my good character traits and lowered the ones I despised. I started to only care about the thoughts of people I love, I became honest and I tried to give 0 fucks about things I should give 0 fucks about. I danced infront of the mirror, I took pictures of myself because I felt like it and I have had absolute no problem to go out the house with my natural face. But being self - confident is the key to appreciate everything else about life. We need it to create an aura, we need it to be actually there when we walk into a room and we need it to voice concerns without being worried about the reactions of others. My mother is probably the most confident women I know and she knows what's not so pretty about her but it never held her back.  It's okay to recognize your unflattering parts as long as you love yourself and would never be ashamed of anything you want to do. Self - confidence is not necessarily inherited, its something we all have to work on sometimes. Either improve your thinking or your problem ( dance infront of the mirror, read books about this topic, be silly, don't take yourself too serious and be alive no matter what!)

Take care of yourself and be you, not them!

- xo, sarah.  

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What I've learned from 4 years LD.

Oktober 21, 2019 by Sarah Moniri





This is my 4th year in a long distance relationship and it has been actually quite easy. Why? Because I’ve been so busy with school and Michael was able to visit me every 2-3 weeks. Long Distance is a really complicated matter and there have been high highs and low lows. So if you are struggling with Long Distance - this post is for you.


  1. You will realize if its worth it pretty soon. Most LD relationships fail because its exhausting! Do you really want to waste your 20s on planing next visits, miss your spouse or watch your friends flirt at partys while you just get drunk (okay that’s not that bad actually). If the person is worth it than yes, all of this is worth it. If you feel like this isn’t „the one“ than its time to start living your life. 


  1. It’s okay to make mistakes. Being in a relationship means for some people that you are dead: They don’t go out anymore, its forbidden to talk to the opposite sex and having fun is not an option anymore. But for me this was never the case. I love to go out, I love to have many male friends and I love to dance. Whenever I felt like I took a step too far I talked to Michael about it. 


  1. Having friends is key. When you are my close friend I love you unconditionally. I want to do all sorts of activity with you, I tell you a lot of private stuff & I want to get drunk with you - so you see, friends are hella important for me. Being with friends will make life better! Especially when you are missing your loved one. 


  1. You value your partner even more - that’s the good thing about LD. Whenever you don’t see each other you will start to only thing about the good traits and moments of/with your partner. Michael and I never fight when we don’t see each other cause we mainly talk about the good things. (+ we only fight about cleaning or when we bake sth.) 


  1. Be independent - there is nothing worse than waiting for the next time you see each other. You only have this life so don’t waste it waiting for sth. to happen. Do whatever you would normally do, enjoy some "me" time, enjoy time with your friends, enjoy partys, learn a new skill!                                         

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Love Letters Vol. 10

Oktober 20, 2019 by Sarah Moniri


The start of school is always busy and haven't quite find my groove for this blog yet. But I really want to post more - so here is a Love Letter for starters. 

  1. I recently love to shop second- hand goodies. This is my fav. german site and this is my fav. english one. 
  2. Do you go for a walk occasionally? It's the best during autumn! Try it sometimes :)
  3. I recently purchased this lipstick! Its vegan, non - toxic and pretty. 
  4. Nae Vegan has amazing shoes! Perfect for cold days. 
  5. I like this jacket
  6. Yummy vegan waffle recipe. Just did it today.


Hope you have a relaxing day! 

- xo , Sarah. 

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Love Letters Vol. 9

Oktober 14, 2018 by Sarah Moniri



October, I'm getting obsessed with halloween movies! So my love letters will be dedicated to my favorite halloween movies: 


  1. The 2nd season of Slasher (Netflix) - Twist Plot alert - if you love twist plots! 
  2. Tales of Halloween - this is a little innocent but so halloweenish (is that a word?). 
  3. Hocus Pocus - what can I say. It's a childhood classic. 
  4. Rosemary's baby - I love classic movies. 
  5. Halloween - there is no Halloween without michael meyers. 
  6. The conjuring - there is a scene that kills me every single time ...
  7. Friday the 13th - the old or new ones. It does not matter. It is just a must see!

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Love Letters Vol.8

September 23, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

Hi Y'All! I'm starting my love letters again because I love this series & I think it's useful for those who are interested in my interests!


1. I bought a bunch of stuff for my Wroclaw apartment including this lamp  and those curtains - 100% love!


2.I can not help itI am a season person! I definitely or this cookbook from Jamie Oliver - ready to cook yummy dishes. 


3. I think "It" from Stephan King is the best read for September + October! It's such a powerful story and those kids ... oh those kids. And you get your dose of horror!

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