Gift Guide: For Make-up Fanatics (Vegan&CF&Clean)

November 16, 2021 by Sarah Moniri

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7 min. Clean Day Make-up for busy mornings

Februar 11, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I really don't know why but ever since corona, I got really into Make-up. I've mentioned this a couple posts back but I can't emphasize enough how untypical this is for me. With that being said,  I still need a quick routine for mornings I have to wake up early and leave for the hospital. I have absolutely NO priority to wake up even earlier to go glamed up to a hospital which is definitely the wrong place to wear an overly done look. I want something I feel hydrated and comfortable in and this is definitely it.


This very simple but comfy look took me 7 min (no joke). Perfect for busy mornings. 


Like everyone , I start with my primer and blend it very well into my skin. I use the Bitebeauty primer and it gives my skin a nice and even look. 


Next up, I follow with my favorite foundation and a fluid bronzer. I like to have a moisturized glow , especially when I'm inside all day. 



A tiny bit of contouring ( we ain't got time for the big one). I love this concealer the most. 


This is my favorite Glow Up Set ever. I use it everyday. I add a bit on my cheeks, underbrow and upper lip and tap it into my skin. 


Let's focus on the eyes: I use the Honest Beauty Mascara for the ultimate whip, the Ilia eyeliner to make my eyes awake and the ilia brow brush to give my brows some life. 


I finish with my lips ( In corona times unnecessary). I line them with BiteBeauty Liners and add some gloss in the middle. 


-xo, Sarah. 

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Clean Contouring Products I love.

Januar 30, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I think Corona made me more fascinated with any kind of aesthetics. I'm longing for grandiose Ropes while listening to Lana Delray and reading trough 50's fashion books. It's weird how our personalities and interests shift during a pandemic. I guess I'm longing for a glamorous lifestyle after months of living in sweats. 

Another thing that started to interest me is Make-up. A reason for this is the show Euphoria and another one is again: the pandemic. I got really into colorful eyeshadow and  want to buy Halsey's new line aboutface! Ever since the beginning of Christmas I started to contour again! (last time was 2015 ha!) So I thought it would help you guys to show you my favorite clean Contour products: 

Ilia Highlighter Astrid - Liquid Gold! Love this for my cheeks, upper lip, chin and under eyebrows.

RMS Highlighter - This is good for precise work and I like to use that darker shade for the sides of my forehead. The texture and shimmer is also a huge plus. 

Ilia Bronzer - My newest purchase and I'm already involve! I use this Video for contouring and it's so useful for her technique. 

Tarte Powder Bronzer - I use this for blending my cheeks and it's still a clean product (not everything from tarte is clean!

Blush and Highlighter - Lily and Lolo is an amazing clean brand and their highlighter shimmers nicely in light.

Ilia Concelear - AHHHHHH! TH BEST! Omg, I can't get enough. Perfect texture and coverage. GET IT NOW! My shade is chicory( I prefer a lighter shade than my actual skin color)

This brush Set - Has all the brushes you will need and is eco friendly. 


Hope this helps! 

-xo Sarah. 



Clean & Cruelty Free Christmas Make-Up

Dezember 9, 2020 by Sarah Moniri



Here is my second little tutorial on how to do a clean & cruelty free Christmas Make-up without much effort! I posted a step by step fast reel on my Instagram so feel free to check it out! 

What you will need: A palette similar to this one , Biodegradable Glitter and your go tos (Mascara, Foundation, Concelear, Contouring thingys)

  1. Leonie started to blend the 1st color of the last row of this palette on my eye(the whole lid).  Blend the hell out of it until its nice contributed and well incorporated into your Skin. 
  2. Use the same color and line your water line with it.  Line your eyeline as well. 
  3. Mix the Bronze Shade (2nd row , 2nd color of the Ilia palette) and the Glitter Shade ( 1st row , 1st color) together and apply to the middle to your eyelid. Blend well. 
  4. Take the brown color (3rd row, 2nd color) and use it like a eyeliner with a tiny brush.
  5. Now apply your glitter wherever you like it( We contributed it all over the eyelid) Swipe away excess glitter which has fallen on your cheeks. 
  6. Lastly I simply applied my make-up routine : concealer, make-up, brow brush, mascara , highlighter and bronzer) 
  7. I think a cranberry colored lipgloss fits this look! 



Image00001 Kopie


Hope you will enjoy this!

xo, Sarah. 

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Clean & CF Basic Christmas Look

Dezember 2, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


Hello Clean Beauty and Christmas Lovers!

Today I want to show you a really uncomplicated Christmas-ish look which is entirely clean. I am not a make-up pro and not trying to be - just showing something that works for me!


Started with my favorite Make-up from Ilia. I used a sponge to apply it evenly on my face. I can highly recommend their make-up. 


Next up: My Concealer from 100% pure. It has a good coverage and doesn't feel "too heavy". 


For my brows I love this pencil from Ilia.



Now this makes the Look Christmas -ish ( glitter makes everything festive , don't you think?) I love this palette by ilia! I used a banana brush to blend it on my inner lid. 



Now the darker glitter shade to blend well into your eye line with a banana brush. 

I also added Mascara from honest beauty.


For Highlights on my chin , cheeks and eyebrow I used the RMS highlighters


Lastly, I used a Bite Beauty Lip Liner and LilyLolo Gloss


- xo, Sarah. 

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Last Minute Witch Make-Up (90% clean)

Oktober 31, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


Hello Witches!

It's this time of the year again and even tough we are all probably sitting inside , eating candy and watching a halloween movie , I will definitely wear a simple costume. 

All those looks are made with make-up most of us have at home! Therefore, there are like 3 products that are not clean because I didn't want to buy anything else and it's okay to break "rules". My best friend & roommate created and did all these looks - she's crazy talented.  Let's start! 



  1. I used my clean Concealer from 100percentpure
  2. Blend it well!
  3. Next up: Blend a primer into the skin. I like the one from BiteBeauty
  4. Use your favorite Make-up! I really like the one from Ilia. 
  5. Here is the link to it.
  6. Eyebrow Powder if you want to :) I use this one.
  7. I also like to use a brow gel
  8. Now I like to apply highlighter. The RMS palette is really good.
  9. Lastly, I use a bronzer for my cheeks. I use the one from Tarte


  1. The Witch of the North. 


1. Use a really light eye-shadow! Like the 1st one in the picture. Ilia has great options! This one is not clean so I'm not gonna link it. 

2. Use the 4th eye-shadow on the 2nd picture. It's from Ilia!

3. Apply it really well into your crease. 

4. Blend , Blend , Blend. 

5., 6. & 7. Use an eyeliner and draw a desired line and that's how it should look like after the steps I just described. 

8. & 9.  Apply the primer I'm pointing at(or a similar shade) and the first shade in the 9th picture to a brush you can use for highlighting. 


10., 11, 12, 13,14,15. Places to highlight!

16. Now let's get to bronzing! Use the shade I'm pointing at and...

17. to your higher cheek 

18. Use a shade I'm pointing at and apply with a brush to your check ( picture 19. below)


19. Where to apply. 

20. Where to blend. 

21. That's how you should look like at this point ( not precisely but you know what I mean)

22.,Now use a highlighter in this similar shade and...

23. & 24. Apply on Brows & Lips 

25. Use a light pink Lipstick and only draw on your inner lips. Here is a similar shade 

26&27. The look :)


2. The Witch of Dark Arts


  1. Use a black eye liner to draw on your eye lid like I/ my bestie did.
  2. Apply the eyeshadow from 3. and blend well on your crease. 
  3. This is the brand. 
  4. Apply a brown eye shadow on your brush. This is the one I used. 
  5. Blend really well into your crease until its well distributed. 
  6. How it should look like right now. 
  7. Draw your eyeliner line further towards your nose.
  8. Use a similar color like the one I'm pointing at (the 1st one) 
  9. Apply to the front of your eyelid and blend it well into the crease. 



10. Take this color 

11., 12. & this 

13. to apply underneath your cheek bone, Blend well. 

14. Use a smaller brush with the same colors and contour your Wings and Dorsum of the Nose. 

15. Lastly, Use a Lilac Lip Stick like this one


3. Witch of Autumn


  1. Use this color and apply...
  2. ... on your crease until it's well blended.
  3. Until it looks similar to look like this. 
  4. Now take a similar to this.
  5. Blend in the crease (sort of like a V)
  6. Result after the first 5 steps.
  7. Use this
  8. & that 
  9. And apply to your inner eye.


10. Result after the 9th step. 

11. Use this color and 

12., 13., 14.  Apply on your nose & cheeks 

15. & 16. Use this and the 2nd shade of this palette ( or similar) for your cheeks. 

17&18. The results!!


-hope this helps!

xo, Sarah. 

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Clean Lip Products for everyday

Oktober 7, 2020 by Sarah Moniri



It's no secret that I am obsessed with good clean beauty finds to eliminate stigmas once and for all. Clean Beauty is just as good as conventional one, period. 

I recently realized that I prefer nude shades for my everyday life because when I eat, my lipstick suddenly wanders to the rest of my face and that's definitely not how I like to walk around for the rest of my day. Long story short: I found the most perfect everyday life shades and would like to present them to you now because I'm sure you need them as well. 


  1. The King of nudity from Honest Beauty ( shade "Blossom") Available here in Germany and here worldwide. ACS_7030


2. The best Lip Liners you will ever find. This color is called "GLACÉ" by bite beauty and it's the perfect brownish with a hue of plum Lip Liner I have ever had. You can buy it here



3. 90's babydoll lipglosses - yes please! I like my lipglosses juicy so Lily Lolo is the prefect brand for my eco loving heart. This color is called "Cocktail" and yes - I would wear it for work. You can buy it here for Germany and here for international shipping. 



4. The only brown Lip Liner you will need. The color is called "Calvados" also from bite beauty. Just take all my money okay? Here is the link to it. 


5. Another Lipgloss Dreams are made of. The color is called Damson Dusk by Lily & Lolo. Buy here in Germany and here internationally. 


6. Okay, the last Lip Liner you will need for you nude collection. It's called "Hard Cider" by bite beauty. Get it here.


7. A simple clear Lip gloss that reminds me of jelly shoes. Here in Germany and here internationally. The color is called "Clear" by Lily Lolo. 


hope this was helpful for all my fellow eco beauty critics!!

- xo, Sarah.


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Clean Lipstick Brands I love

März 6, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


Hello Friends! As you know, I've been really passionate about clean beauty for the last couple of years. I loved diving into this new world and discovering many new brands which I want to share here today. Switching to clean beauty is NOT hard! In fact, lipstick/ gloss is probably the easiest category of them all. I want to emphasize here that you don't have to do a full switch immediately! Finish your products, get to know clean brands, try their products and you will be amazed, trust me! I was skeptical at first too!

Okay let's begin: 



I use the Han Lip Tint and Gloss ( infact, my mom stole my gloss cause she loved it so much, haha!). Their products are super hydrating and I love the colors! This one is my favorite. 



I'm a huge fan of their lip crayon because it has a beautiful matte shade, feels super soft on my lips and is my go to for everyday. It's also available in Germany which is a big plus for me. 



I thought I would really miss my conventional red lipsticks but no. This red lipstick is good as any conventional product and I also love the silky feel on my lips. Also available in Germany!



So creamy and matte! They also have amazing shades and my lips are truly hydrated and covered when I use their lip crayons



This one is a little bit more glossy but easy to apply and long lasting. My lips feel super soft and they have so many beautiful colors. I'm using rose berry. 


OUI FRESH ( will close soon so hurry!)

My favorite beauty brand is moving on to other projects... :( I loved their packaging and their colors were just amazing! They have a major sale going on right now so be fast! My favorite lipstick is Ginger Spice ( pictured here) and my favorite gloss is Central Perk ( 1st picture). 


I hope I can get you more into clean beauty!! 

-xo, Sarah. 

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Natural Beauty: Make -up

Mai 16, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

I started switching my beauty products from toxic to non-toxic/vegan last year september. step by step. one product at the time. I really don’t want to be preachy here but „normal“ beauty products contain harmful substances which can cause hormonal imbalance, fertility problems and cancer. It doesn’t mean you’ll get cancer or become infertile if you use toxic cosmetic- there is just a greater chance.
I decided that I want to nourish my body as good as possible. Besides regular exercise, a healthy diet and a happy being, natural beauty is also a huge plus.
You can substitute EVERYTHING. Seriously I don’t feel the difference.


Bronzer: Since my roommate/bestie showed me the 3 shaped bronzing trick, I'm a fan! You look so sun kissed and healthy. This bronzer is from Vita Liberate and it's just as good as any toxic bronzer. 

Concealer: I'm a 100% pure fan. They have a german website which makes it even better. This concealer covers dark circle very well. 

Mascara : I haven't found my perfect mascara yet but this one is definitely a start. It makes full& long lashes - love it. Plus it smells like chocolate. 

Contour Kit: I'm always using my think dirty app to scan products or even find some and this is a 3(which is still good). I'm using my bronzer more often but this contour kit makes your cheek bones pop. 

Eyeshadow: It is a natural cream eye shadow for everyday - love !

Lips: I've been followin A beautiful mess for such a long time now so how can I not love their natural beauty brand. I signed up for their beauty box so it's easier for me to gather products I need. Their lip glosses and sticks are amazing. 


I hope I can inspire you to consider the change to natural beauty! It's a big step but forth it. 

-xo, sarah. 

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