Living Room Mini Makeover.

Februar 2, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I was eyeing these Movie Fan Art Prints for a long time already,  and since there was so much change happening my  lately I thought it would be healthy for me to make the switch. This is definitely something joyful  and the only thing I'm looking forward to in adulthood is designing my future home hehe. 


This couch had to endure many tea spill accidents ( I tried to clean it but nothing helped). So I covered is with this fake fur piece. I think this is a fun solution!


I chose movies which impacted me the most. I want to add to the collection once I'm done with med school but for now this is perfect. Mean Girls is just such an aesthetic vibe for me, Interstellar touches me on several deep layers(and the music - magic)  and the love in a star is born is simply beautiful. Stand by me is a soul movie and happens to be my favorite song. OMG CLUELESS, I'm obsesses and will always be.

The help stirred so many emotions in my inner core plus the aesthetic of this time is just blissful for me (NOT the injustice during these times tho!!). Hocus Pocus is my ultimate childhood memory and 10 things I hate about you is my favorite Teenie movie which I watched during my exchange in the U.S (felt really lonely there and somehow this movie brought me so much comfort and I still remember this so vividly). 

Harry words needed. 


Much love to all of you!

-xo , Sarah. 


TAGS: diy, Living Room Mini Makeover.