Bad Student - Good Student (my study journey)

Februar 8, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


Hi everybody!!

Today I wanted to share my journey from being a lazy student to being a good, solid student. So how should I start…maybe with the beginning:

When I was little I wanted to be a dandruff expert(???) + my parents worked in the medical field which made me curious and probably influenced me to seek a professional career in medicine. I watched a lot of grey’s anatomy growing up which also motivated me to go to med school even tough it’s probably the most unrealistic show out there, haha (+ watching it right now I realize they have no life. How did this impress me??). So my decision what to pursue later in life was set pretty soon.

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Exam Session: Calm Down

Januar 30, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


Hi friends! 

I'm a bit stressed but still want to write this post about my "techniques" on how to calm down before a big exam. I have an oral on tuesday in dermatology and I still need to study a lot which can stress me out. So here is what I do when I feel overhelmed: 


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Tips for (medical) internships

September 9, 2019 by Sarah Moniri


  1. Be nice - seems like a very simple thing to do but many people are too shy or just too grumpy (my brother for instance) to smile at the doctors & nurses when saying hello. I always feel like that every mistake is just half as bad when you politely apologize. Being nice in general helps a lot to leave a good impression.
  2. Be prepared - I got asked so many questions and sometimes didn’t know the answer! That’s emberassing! Feel free to tell the doctors  when you haven’t had a subject yet. Ask them what you should study more and prepare for following days! ACS_4454
  3. Watch YouTube. I had problems to place a venous access to patients who had „bad veins“. Watching youtube helped to get a better insight into doing so and also learning about some tricks!
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask questions - I openly told the doctors that I’m still struggling with ECG’s, so one of them thought me the principles of ECG’s almost everyday! Whenever I didn’t do something correct I simply asked what I did wrong. It’s better than just saying sorry in my opinion. 
  5. Don’t take anything personally - There will be mean doctors and their attitude will annoy you but I always just stay nice and don’t try to let it get to you. 


Hope that helps you!! 

Xo, Sarah. 

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Budget your life.

März 14, 2018 by Sarah Moniri


Fact: When you are a student you need your parents support. Maybe you are working besides school/uni/college but I haven’t found a possibility to make money besides my studies. I live in a country where I don’t speak the language - so working in a cafe is not an option, I dont get paid for internships and I don’t know which other opportunites I have. So I started developing a better system with my parents this year:

1.Rent, before we started looking for an apartment I discussed the max. rent I’m allowed to pay.
2.Living, I count into this budget food, gym, uni stuff, my blog, my ouifresh (!!!) box and activities like movies or dance classes.
3. Travel, ah this is sth. new for me. I started having a travel budget in 2018 and I really don’t want to be one cent above it. So far, I traveled Dublin and Budapest and two weekend, one spontaneous and a las vegas trip are on the list this year( I still have to travel 2 countries this year in order to traveled 50% of the world with 50). Oh man I hope this budget will be enough.
4. Shopping, I’ll have 4 shopping periods this year and I count EVERYTHING I don’t need to „survive“ into it ( so books dont count haha). Starting from essential oils and ending in stationary.

My dream job would be to work for a blog besides having my blog. I really want to save some money for new camera gear and more e-courses. 

- Sarah 

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How to reduce your phone time.

Januar 24, 2018 by Sarah Moniri


Reduce your phone time

I think smart phones are one of those bittersweet things : they brought many advantages with 'em but just as much disadvantages. It makes me sad to see my brother spending almost all of his time on his phone sending random t-shirt pictures via snapchat to keep „the flames alive“.
This things aren’t made to loose track of the real world…
So here are a few of my tips (I’m still struggling sometimes) to have a good balance between reality and the virtual world:

1. Keep the ringtone loud - I constantly look at my phone to check if somebody texted me and I automatically go on instagram - why shouldn’t I? Instead of keeping my ringtone loud, I rather look at my phone every now and then which is just a waste of time.

2. Try to leave it out of your room when you sleep - I often hear that people check their phone when they wake up during the night - the light will make them energetic and they'll have a hard time falling back to sleep. Keeping your phone out of the room will help you to avoid this problem.

3. Read before you sleep - The light of your phone wakes you up so naturally it’s not really good  to look at your phone before you fall asleep, reading a book however makes you sleepy.

4. Moment App - A friend recently recommended me this app which keeps track of your phone time. I have days where it’s over 3 hours (very bad) but most of the time it’s around 1: 30. Anytime I see that my time is already over an hour, I try to put it away for the rest of the day. Actual seeing the amount of time you spent on your phone is like a slap in the face.

5. Leave it at home when you go out - Okay this is hard when you have responsibilities but if you are just meeting a friend this is the perfect opportunity to spent some real quality time.

6. Leave it in your bag - Let’s say you need to have your phone with you cause you are expecting an urgent call or text. This doesn’t mean you have to keep it in your hand! Leave it loud in your back so you want check your phone randomly in the middle of dinner with friends !


Join this challenge and get back to reality!


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Student Life: 11 Study Tips.

Januar 22, 2018 by Sarah Moniri


11 study tips

Study Tips:

Okay first of all I’m not saying that I’m a pro in studying and sometimes in life, you concentrate on the wrong topics, misunderstand sth, have a harder time understanding the issue, have bad luck or simply didn’t study enough.
However, there are just some problems you can avoid:

1.Don’t lie to yourself  - I am convinced that some people really believe they studied for around 5 hours but all they did is copying the book and not remembering a thing they actually wrote. Summaries are good and useful but summarizing doesn’t mean studying. Back in Budapest when I was part of the pre-med program, I really wasn’t ready to study a buttload of material yet, so I watched Tv-series while studying…yes that didn’t work out at all( same goes with your phone.)

2. Don’t waste your time - Speaking of summaries, they take a lot of time and sometimes you are right before a looming deadline. So either you ask a nice friend for their summary or check your schools g-drive( incase you have one).

3. Put your phone away - It’s all about quality not quantity. You can either sit there for 4 hours with your phone distracting you every 10 minutes or sit for 1 1/2 hour without one and have a relaxing break afterwards( if you need a small break try to read 3-4 pages of a book). Your concentration will lower after 30 minutes anyway so it makes more sense to fully use this 30 minutes. This is something, I still struggle with sometimes, especially when you need to stay in contact with your colleagues. Webwhatsapp really helps to avoid this problem.

4. Make a to-do list - I don’t know about you, but sometimes the amount of material feels overwhelming. Making a to-do list the night before, the morning before or even the week before an exam makes me feel more organized and ahead of myself.

5. Small rewards - I feel like, that during a hard examination session small rewards can make all the difference. It doesn’t have to be materialistic, but telling yourself that after a particular topic you’ll make yourself a nice dinner or even just a cup of tea can motivate you to hustle again.

6. Find your time of the day - Some people will tell you that they stayed up all night to study and you may feel pressured - but don’t be. Everyone is at it’s best during another time and it’s important to find yours. I rather stop studying around 12 and wake up early.

7. Go outside - staying inside all day long is sometimes necessary but try to use this small break you spend on your phone to just walk 5-10 minutes in fresh air.

8. Change locations - I’m not sure if this is just something psychological but changing your study environment now and then can really motivate you. I sometimes travel from my desk to the living room to starbucks or the library - it really helps sometimes!!

9. Don’t listen to others - This is probably the MOST important one. So many people from my year listen to upper years and forget to make the experience themselves. „ He said that only 5 people passed last year“, „they said you’ll have to start 3 weeks before…“ They stress about something that hasn’t happened yet and dramatize every little test. Just because only 5 people passed last year doesn’t mean you’ll fail - You don’t know if they even studied. Just because some people needed 3 weeks to study something doesn’t mean you’ll - you don’t know how they studied. It’s good to know the facts but make your own experience.

10. Don’t compare yourself to others - Everyone is different - I know shocker right? Some people are just faster in studying or study while listening to the teacher. Others need more time, don’t need a summary or study better in a group! I hate it when people feel good about themselves just because somebody failed and they passed - this is just a fucked up value. You should focus on yourself , support your friends in a crisis and help each other out! Entitled people need others to fail in order to feel good so don’t be that kind of jerk.

11. Question yourself - my number one rule is if I can talk about this topic perfectly I’ll have a good chance of passing. Sometimes me and my roommate question each other ( especially before anatomy practicals heeeelp) or I stand infront of the mirror and see how fluent I am in this particular topic. Studying in a group of friends also gives you more perspective sometimes. You talk about it together and we’ll remember their jingle, idea or get a better understanding.

I hope this'll help you guys!


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Student Life: 4 Tips to survive Examination Session

Januar 11, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

So, okay I totally see why we need exams - we wouldn't study sh** if it wasn´t for exams. Your effort has to be graded and people who are not giving a f***(gosh so many bad words) need a slap in the face. It´s all cool -really - but exam season is just not the most joyful time of your year. To make it more bearable, I would like to share my tips!



1.PLAN A "BIG" REWARD BEFORE YOUR EXAM SESSION EVEN STARTS. I feel like it keeps you more motivated, hardworking and determined. You are not only studying in order to pass, you are also studying for your reward. 


Last year I planned Budapest and Las Vegas for my vacation (2 weeks) and it really kept me going! Retakes are always directly after the semester break so failing wasn't an option. Also, my father told me since I'm a toddler that I should always pass first try otherwise I'll be so stressed(#middleeasternparents) but to be honest he's right.



2. LITTLE REWARDS AFTER EVERY TEST/EXAM. This. is. so. important. It doesn't have to be anything special it's just a refreshing change for your daily life. You can´t go back to your desk after you've had an exam, you need this 1-2 hour break to let your mind and body reenergize. After biochemistry this week we went out for brunch or next week after physio we are going to the lord of the rings concert in Wroclaw. Going to a café or restaurant is sometimes the key to regain new energy.  IMG_1527

3.HAVE A HOBBY. You need something that balances you, something that makes you relieve your stress and calms you. For me it´s a combination of photography, work-outs, baking, reading & now also blogging. No-one is studying 24/7 and some people rather spent their free time on their phone(that´s okay) but a hobby actual fulfills you and makes you forget the world around you. 


4.FOR GOD'S SAKE GO OUTSIDE!!  I'm always doing the same mistake - when nothing makes sense anymore and I have a sensory overload, I'd rather sit in front of my book(or phone)& go mental than go for a walk and get some fresh air. It's so important to use your time wisely and spending time on your phone won't make you learn faster or understand better. I'm not saying that going outside is the solution when you are stuck, it's just nice to catch a breath of air and maybe get a tea/coffee on your way home.

So that's all you can do except being with your friends, support each other and don't stress too much. There are far more important things in life than an exam(not for my dad though). 




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