Fair Fashion Winter Wishlist.

November 18, 2019 by Sarah Moniri

Wishlist Kopie


I am really passionate about fair fashion because the fashion industry is a huge contributor to global warming. Fair Fashion seems really hippie at first but once you get into it, it's really not. IT CAN be pricey though so shopping secondhand is always my first choice! I hope this helps <3

- xo, sarah. 

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How to clear out your closet (& what to do with it)

September 21, 2018 by Sarah Moniri




Why should I clear out my closet? I used to hate to clear out my closet, because in some way, I wanted to keep ALL OF IT. This is a bad habit, I think we can all agree on that. You won’t wear everything forever. So after every season, we should get rid of the pieces we didn’t wear a single time. 




How should I clear out my closet? I have 3 simple questions. Do I still like it? Am I only keeping it because of guilt/it was a present? Does it still fit? If you answer those questions with No, Yes, No - it has to go. The things that stay are: memories, stuff that only needs to be tailored, things you absolutely love&feel comfortable in. 


What do I do with cleared out clothes? I sort them in 3 different ways. Expensive/ Barely worn pieces will be sold( I use Kleiderkreisel for Europe and Depop for the USA). Intact pieces will be donated and the rest will be recycled( I bring my stuff to &otherstories). Believe me, you will feel so much better TO REDUCE your materialism. 


What can I do to prevent Materialism & Binge shopping? When I go to a store I like, I’m turning into a trance driven zombie who wants more & more clothes. I feel like I want to change my whole style, and in order to do so - I have to buy clothes. I worked out a system to prevent such behaviour : my own capsule wardrobe. I’m allowed to have 4 shopping periods with a certain budget per year. I have to clear out my closet after/before every season, and I have to try to be more thoughtful during shopping. It’s important to know your style, define it, and to ask yourself: is this really me? I’m still working on myself to become a more thoughtful less materialistic shopper, but I’m getting there! 


hope this was helpful

-xo, sarah.

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