How to travel more sustainable.

November 11, 2019 by Sarah Moniri


Traveling is not good for the environment, period. But its a big part of every millennials life & always try to find a solution instead telling everyone what not to do including myself. Flying contributes 2,7% to climate change which is not a big number but I still want to fly as little as possible. So how can we "even out" our Co2 emission while traveling?

  1. Compensate w/ Atmosfair or Climate Credits - You donate a calculated amount of money to Co2 reducing projects. It´s legit I promise! 
  2. Pack lightly - Something I am not perfect at but trying to be! 
  3. Use Reef- friendly Sunscreen - I love Coola ! A chapter option is this brand. 
  4. Environmental- friendly Hotels - Olas Tulum ( Tulum) , Tiera Patagonia (Chile), Song Sad (Cambodia), i mini (italy), 1 Hotels (USA), Great Ocean Ecolodge (Australia) and many more! 
  5. Don't let them change your towels everyday! 
  6. Eat more vegan during your vacation. Its not hard and yummy!
  7. Use public transport
  8. Travel to nearby places or less. 


And that's it. 

Hope you can use some of those tips!- xo, Sarah. 

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Using my 20s to travel w/friends

August 26, 2018 by Sarah Moniri



This year I turned 22...and in the first time in my life I started to feel like I'm on a fast train. How can I be 22 already? 14,15,16...feels not long ago, feels touchable and present. But as we all know, aging is a part of life and as a kid I always walked towards it. Now it's a fast train, a fast train I entered when I turned 18. So yeah, my 20's will go by fast and I want to enjoy every second of it.                                  


Some of you probably have a boyfriend/girlfriend and/or love your family very much. Some of you decided that you like vacationing with your boyfriend/girlfriend/family the most and I also love it. The thing is I need small trips, big trips with my friends(+ boyfriend). When you travel with your friends everything you do is a little bit crazier, a little bit more adventurous, a little bit funnier. Vacationing with your family/boyfriend (or both!) is chill, romantic, relaxing but you definitely feel more mature when you are with them. I don't want to feel mature yet. I need the wild 20's.                                                                     


 - xo Sarah



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How to travel as a student(budget friendly).

März 31, 2018 by Sarah Moniri

I'm a homebody. I love my city and I love being at home buuuut traveling relaxes and inspires me the most. I talked in another post about my travel budget this year and now I want to show you how I'll not be above it: 


  1. Don't choose your destination  - gives you the opportunity to choose your departure airport and time of travel without picking your destination. The cheapest offers will appear at the top and gives you the perfect prospect to travel to countries you normally never would have visit. I went to Ireland because it was the cheapest flight available in february (40 euros) and its one of my favorite places now. 
  2. Blind Booking - always fun and cheap!! (german website) and are my go to blind booking websites. I went to Belgium in 2015 and the part before you know where you will travel to is so much fun!
  3. Visit your family! - This may sound a little selfish but it's really not meant to be. To maintain a good relationship with your family abroad is important and you'll get to know a new culture. I'm traveling to my family in the U.S every year and seeing them is so specia. Growing up with another culture I got to experience was just a nice side effect. 
  4. Sign up for secret websites - secret escapes or scotts cheap flights are true miracles. You sign up for them and they will find flaws in the system ( this only lasts for a couple of hours). The only negative aspect: you have to be spontaneous. 
  5. Study abroad - well known fact that studying abroad can give you so much. My boyfriend lived in croatia and poland in just a year!
  6. Work in another country - I know that there are many countries where you can teach kids( in case your major is in that direction) or look for options for your major. I know that you can do some medical internships in developing countries like Sri Lanka or check out this website. 
  7. Go to not so favorable countries - Let's take Europe for example. Everybody wants to go to Spain or France but east europe has one of the prettiest citys in my opinion ( and they are so much cheaper). So try something new and go to places no one would go. 


Hope this we'll help you! 

-xo Sarah


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Budapest Guide 2: Kiraly & around

Januar 15, 2018 by Sarah Moniri


Living at a city for 9 month makes you automatically a food expert in this particular city. Everytime you walk through the city, there is a new restaurant to discover or another café with delicious cake.


  1. The Sweet. If my mind would be a cake store it would definitely look like this. White wooden furniture in a vintage used look all around the place, pastel flowers, delicious cake and a beautiful old building.  IMG_9066

  2. Laura Virag - flower store. I think The sweet, Laura Virag and Vintage Garden have the same owner(?) cause they all have a similar style. One of the most beautiful flower bouquets I have ever seen and the inside of the store is just mind-blowing.



3. Vintage Garden. The last one of this beautiful trio. 


4. Retrock- vintage store. If I will ever throw a great gatsby themed party this will be my go-to store. They have beautiful jeans jackets and unique clothing. 


5. Mazel Tov - The fist time I've tried jewish food was here and I've absolutely loved it! Shakshuka & Labneh? Yes please! IMG_2749

The beautiful bar of Mazel Tov! 


6. Nana's - Hungarian designer store. 


7. Szimpla - it's mostly a tourist attraction but I love the farmer market on sunday mornings!


8. Karaván - food truck court 

9. 2 spaghi - homemade pasta 

10. Burger & Pasta bar 

11. naspolya nassolda - vegan café

12. La Bodeguita Del Medio - mexican lunch menu 

13. Kupplung - bar

14. Troféa Grill - all you can eat buffet

Have fun in Budapest!!!



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Budapest Guide 1: Basilica & around (district 4)

Januar 10, 2018 by Sarah Moniri



Hi friends!

Today, I want to share something very meaningful and personal to me. Budapest what the first city I lived in by myself, the first city I moved to without anyone and the city where I felt lonely for the first time in my life. I want to share my favorite places to eat and be in Budapest (Basilica & around)  


1.Gelerato Pink - this ice cream store is not hyped up because of it's because of its beautiful appearance so it's very tasty and has a good consistency! I highly recommend Hazelnut. Budapest, Szent István tér 3, 1051 Hungary


2. A la maison - to be honest HAVE to check it out! It's the perfect combination of classic and vintage design (very high old walls, molding, tiles with a pattern ...) and you can not even get started on the menu! Pure heaven.Budapest, Nádor u. 5, 1051 Hungary


3. Aria Rooftop - UGH. Did you ever take a picture from a rooftop and your camera just can't capture how beautiful the view really is? The Aria Rooftop provides one of the best views in Budapest.Budapest, Hercegprímás u. 5, 1051 Hungary


4. Iguana - do not judge me but I'm using mexican food until I've met Iguana in Budapest. Since then Mexican food is my kryptonite. Budapest, Zoltán u. 16, 1054 Hungary


5. Baotiful- it's right infront of a park and it's so nice to sit there and eat a Bao ( which tastes like a dumpling). Budapest, Vitkovics Mihály u. 8, 1052 Hungary


6. Cake Shop - I've got my 20th Birthday Cake from this cute little café and the cake is amazing! Budapest, József Attila u. 12, 1051 Hungary


7. The Basilica - it's a tourist attraction but it's worth it. 

Some other places I didn't photograph( Hey, I didn't know I would actually create a blog):

 8. Bestia - Bar

 9. Prime Steak 

10. Fruccola - really good & healthy smoothie and salad place

11. Burrita- Mexican food perfect for lunch 

12. Pomodora - great Italian food


I hope you are planning your trip to Budapest already !! I'm actually planning a trip with two of my friends in February and I want to take this blog for you. 



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Pinkvelvet on the road: The Bahamas

August 29, 2017 by Sarah Moniri

After I graduated from high school, my wanderlust was enormous! I've wanted to travel to a few cities in the US and see the Bahamas- BEST. DECISION. EVER. Seriously, take your travel buddy and go far away. The Bahamas were like a postcard come to live and I want to share my experience and some tips:

1.The hotel.

The island of Bahamas is more than 700 island! Exuma is the island where you can swim with pigs !! We flew to Nassau and stayed at  the Breezes Resort  which was perfect for us. It's an all inclusive resort with a friendly staff, a private beach and good food. I think about 4 hot meals a day and gained 4 kilograms worth it. I would not recommend the Hotel for familys, it's getting crazy around the break and was packed with young people.





2. Drink a Bahama Mama !! 

I didn't know that this was a drink but I loved it !!!


3. Take a trip to Nassau - colorful houses everywhere.

For someone who loves color, this city was a dream come true. We just walked around town and I took a lot of pictures of pink, blue and green houses. Color can add so much cheerfulness and you just felt a positive vibe in this city.






4. Take a trip to the small islands.

Originally we wanted to swim with pigs. Unfortunately, we were to far away but the option was to see iguanas, sharks and astonish the beautiful nature! We decided to book the Exuma tour and a trip to Sandy Toes. My personal favourite was sandy toes, due to the fact that the ocean had the clearest turquoise I´ve had ever seen.





He was preparing food in the Ocean!!!




5. Visit the Atlantis.

They had Ben & Jerry's so ... But if you like aqua parks you can get a ticket without being a hotel guest!




6. Take too many pictures. 

The Bahamas is not a place you'll visit every year, so take pictures at least three times on your camera! We felt like it was necessary to wear  Flash tattoos - dont ask me why. I don't want to tell you what to wear.




I hope you are planning your trip to the Bahamas already!

-xoxo Sarah

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