Love Letters Vol : Glam Up. Vol. 16

Februar 7, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


Hello Internet Friends! 

I hope you are doing well in all this madness! I honestly have to say that I'm getting better by the minute. Weirdly, dressing up really lifts my mood and I'm getting obsessed with 90's Glam Make -up styles. With that said....

  1. ... Here is the Tutorial I used for the look on the picture. She seems like someone I would be afraid of but  I am kind of obsessed with her nevertheless. 
  2. I am eyeing this Vintage Choker. Fits my current decade obsession. 
  3. Also: I need this liquid eye shadow in my life. Preferably in every shade, thank you.
  4. I feel like I need this mirror in my life. I don't know why. I just feel this on a deep aesthetic level. 
  5. Do you remember Gabriella from Desperate Housewives? I feel like this would be her type of shoe. 

So that's it so far. Very glamorous.

- xo Sarah. 

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Plans & Dreams for 2021.

Februar 4, 2021 by Sarah Moniri





Ah. I know. Some of you hate New Years Resolutions but you now what - they don't have to be big. They can be things like drinking more tea or listening to more music. You don't have to start a new company, publish a book or go to doctors beyond boarders. You do whatever you want to do. 

With that said I'm the kind of person that likes to dream big. Even if I only achieve 50% of that goal it's 50% more than I would have normally done. 


  • This year will be academic oriented so my major goal is to finish studying for the USMLE (board examination to work as a doctor for the U.S )
  • I have a big Exam in September and my Plan/Goal is to pass that. 
  • I have an ongoing challenge to only shop secondhand. Read all about it here
  • I want to get a tutor for learning Farsi. Found this website
  • I want to finish/redo all my E-courses. 
  • I want to educate myself more about Art, Music, Decades and Movies.
  • I want to learn more about Pinterest, make more boards etc. 
  • I will soon finish my 3rd and 4th year (of med school) after movie. 
  • I need a new morning routine. 
  • I want to set goals/ learn something new/ do something out of the ordinary every week. I liker to sit down every Sunday and just focus on the week to come. 
  • I booked an internship for July in San Diego. Fingers Crossed that Corona won't destroy my plan again. 
  • I might be getting a tiny tiny minimalistic tattoo.
  • Organize my Pictures until they are PERFECT. 



  • Travel with my Friends to Thailand in Summer
  • Publish my Book
  • Work more on my Blog
  • Pass the USMLE 
  • Party MORE. 
  • Travel to U.S with Leonie in April. 
  • Move with my friends together in October.
  • Get a pediatric dermatology internship.
  • Be happier again. 


-xo, Sarah. 




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Love Letters : It's okay. Vol.15

Januar 31, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


After a long break of Love Letters, I'm bringing this format back. It's a cute way to sum up my weekly findings (not want to brag but they are pretty good). 

I honestly have to say that I am a bit overwhelmed with my whole current life situation.  Nothing dramatic but it's not easy to just swallow your feelings down and continue. So I'm allowing to feel them while being grateful with everything I have. 

So let's start!: 

  1. A mood lifter for me is definitely browsing trough Etsy and I'm in love with this new designer button necklaces. This is the one I would get if I would have money right now ha. 
  2. I want to try this recipe. Cooking during this time of the year can bring so much comfort and joy. 
  3. I'm in desperate need of house slippers. I feel like home wear got a whole remodel during 2020 and is so chic now As you know, I'm doing a second-hand challenge so it's a bit harder to find unused house slippers but I would get these if I wouldn't do this challenge.
  4. My favorite thing in this world right now is petitedoodles. Her mindset is a life saver for me right now. 
  5. I cant wait for To all the boys I loved before N.3!! It's my valentines day tradition :) 

That's it right now:) Hope you have a good one <3

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Food Gift Ideas

Dezember 5, 2020 by Sarah Moniri




Gifting doesn't always have to be expensive and exclusive but can literally be something sweet and handmade to show the person how much they mean to you. There are a few Go-To Food Gifts I'd like to get into today: 

  1. Vegan Eggnog. This recipe is really good and if you buy a glass bottle, write Eggnog in golden Letters on it - it will look pretty fancy.
  2. Oreo Truffles! or other little candy treats. Here is a pretty good recipe!
  3. Make some sugar cookies!! I really have to learn sometime but they look so aesthetically pleasing. Here is a List of what you need!
  4. Cookies! Love the packaging. 
  5. This store has so many fancy and delicious Food items. Love them all!

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Sustainable Parent & Advent Gift Guide

November 28, 2020 by Sarah Moniri

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-28 at 18.59.22

1 - Ornaments are small enough for advent calendar and not too pricey! Get one that person likes. 

2 - Glitter Socks are also a good size for an advent calendar  and these are super cute.

3- Every polaroid loving person appreciates a Film. 

4 - Essential Oils make such a cute gift.

5 - Cute scrunchies!

6 - Also love these Ornaments!

7 - DIY kits are such a hit this year and Etsy has also so many options!

8 - Lip Glosses or in general small beauty items are a good advent gift. 

9 - Little Snacks that are a bit extradorinary


WhatsApp Image 2020-11-28 at 18.59.22-2

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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Jewelery , Home & Tech Lover Sustainable Gift Guide.

November 27, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


1 - Birth Stone Necklace from a beautiful German sustainable brand ! 

2 - They are an ethical brand with many treasures! 

3 - Personal Note Necklace 

4 - Beautiful Earrings from my favorite brand who also have a sale atm.

5 - I think they also look very cute! 

6 - Birth Stone Ring 

7 - Love the meaning behind this one.

8 - From a very talented Etsy Seller.

9- Can be personalized!



1  - I love ceramic dishes and supporting Etsy seller!

2 - Burned linen Colors have my heart.

3 - Not necessarily a must have but pretty.

4 - They have all the movies made into those aesthetic posters! Love. 

5 - Trying to get my mum this for her living room but she's to much of a minimalist lover.

6 - This color is so pure and lovely! Also from an Etsy seller. 

7 - For a fancy moment. They also have a sale.

8 - If you are a vintage lover like me. 

9 - I mean!






Have Fun!!

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She & Him Sustainable Christmas Guide

November 25, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


I will post more the following days <33 Hope this helps!


From left to right (sorry, was too lazy to insert the numbers) : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9



Have fun!

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Gift Guide for Book Lovers

November 22, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


I think gifting a book is one of the most intimate things one can do. It suggests that this persons knows you and leads you into a world they think you will enjoy. You will always connect that book with the person who gifted it to you and I couldn't think of a more beautiful way to to remember a person by. 

So here is my book list for a great Christmas present: 






1 - From little women to Heidi - everything is included. I could die for this cover aesthetics. 

2 - I'm gifting this one to a family member of mine who absolutely loves  classic books! I think the edition is beautiful as well. 

3 - Düdümdümdümdümdüüüdüdümdüdümdüdüd , We all have this melody in our ear right? And can we please talk about this magical cover please??

4 - A Christmas Carol again but another Edition. 

5 - Harry Potter special editions are normally so pricey so I think this simple paperback to cover the books is a genius solution! Also: Harry Potter and Christmas is just perfect. 

6 - I have never read it but it's on my list! Penguin covers are just a sensory experience to explode for. 

7 - A special edition of the Polar Express and second-hand! 

8 - For the Jane Austen Fan in your family - or someone who likes pretty covers.

9. - Vintage Christmas Books!! How nostalgic.


Hope this helps!!

- xo, Sarah Moniri.


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Feeling all the Feels.

November 12, 2020 by Sarah Moniri






I feel like my life ain’t mine. 

Before any of you read this I want to emphasize that there are much worser things in life and I really try to be less of a sissy. Many people in my life have suffered immense loss so if you read this: I know this is not nearly as bad as anything you have ever experienced , I’m simply writing my feelings down here.  You can really tell in situations like this,  that Michael  has experienced a tragic loss and not much can shake him. He told me a couple of days ago: „ Sarah, life goes on and on no matter what happens.“

Still… I can’t ignore my feelings and I’m currently feeling all the feels and because my blog is a therapist I don’t have to pay for I’m using this platform to spread a thick layer of my feelings on. You have been warned. 

Let’s start with the worst thing that happened this year : We have some validation problems with our Uni and because of this my best friend, partner in crime, study buddy, personally chef and roommate „had“ to apply for a German university. She applied to the ones who are unlikely to take her but on halloween she got the message and we spent the night crying without getting real sleep. It’s weird what I’ve been feeling ever since. I would like to get drunk and dance at clubs to numb all of those feelings but since corona is even taking this option away (okay I can still get drunk but is it the same….?) I kind of have to deal with all of my feels.




I think you can kind of compare this to a break up I guess?( expect of the getting mad and never seeing each other again part). A person I love is moving out of our apartment (1000km away) and we probably will never live in the same city again - maybe a good book idea? IDK. 

It’s hard to pinpoint my feelings but sometimes it feels like I’m carrying a ball of sadness inside myself which overtakes every corner of my being on some days. The world wears a thin coat of grey and my mind lost a few strokes of glitter.  On other days I’m totally fine and toughened up…it’s really a rollercoaster. I feel like an unfinished chapter is ending and I will never know its end. 

The apartment will feel so so much different without her and I’m sure some of the magic will be gone forever. I will hate to see a strangers face using the things you once used. 

I don’t know who will join me for coffee dates, movie nights or the simple snuggle on bad days. I hate that I’m not ending this chapter with her together before entering the adult world. I can’t imagine life without seeing you everyday but it is how it is and there is nothing I can do about it. 

So I guess I have to toughen up.


What also worries me: I spend important clinical years infront of my computer asking the doctor if he can hear me, I’m wasting some golden 20s time, I’m sometimes questioning everything, I have Weltschmerz because I’m scared for Mother Nature especially after this year and most of all : I really really want to have more time with my loved ones in Wroclaw before we all move over the world. 

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Things that bring me happiness in times like these.

Oktober 24, 2020 by Sarah Moniri


 1. E-courses

The world of e-courses is huge and brings me immense joy because 1) You actually learn a new skill while 2) Having Fun! I think it was never that easy to learn a language, cooking technique, photography, a craft(…) from home before. It’s an easy ‚stay in sweats activity for at home and I’m all in for it. I can highly recommend masterclasses, soulcialmedia or abeautifulmess. 


2. Organizing & Cleaning

An organized workspace = an organized mind. Nothing more calming than listening to a good feel good show, a podcast or some ‚I cry myself to sleep‘ music while going trough each drawer and develop a new system or simply decide what to toss or keep. When I know that my room is organized , I immediately feel like I have my life in better control. 




3. Going for a jog

From March - September I was a huge advocate for home workouts but now that I’m back in my apartment and don’t have much space anymore,  I find going for a jog way more therapeutic. The only time I actually go outside and can be a little in nature while giving my body some love back and shacking it thoroughly.

4. Books & Movies

Always a way to escape current life. I currently watch a lot of Horror/Halloween/Harry Potter Movies and it's at least warming my soul a little bit and makes me forget on all the things I'm currently missing out on (very dramatic, I know but you are not 24 for ever) And if you are into creative writing - why not write a little short story while getting inspired by your current read/ movie? 


5. New Recipes & DIYS

This is for sure an obvious one and makes time pass quickly! For a Foodie like me , Food has to be a highlight! So trying new things, learning new cooking skills or finally doing that one DIY I’ve always wanted to do, brings me immense inner satisfaction. Pinterest, abeautifulmess and minimalist baker are my go to sites. 


hope this helps you,

-xo Sarah. 



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