Second-hand Spring Dresses

März 22, 2021 by Sarah Moniri



Here is the promised secondhand spring dresses post! :) Hope this inspires you to check out more secondhand fashion. 

From Left to right, down to low.

1) Size S for 88 Euros

2) Size S for 50 Euros

3) Size M for 14,50 Euro

4) Size Xs for 245 Euro

5) Size M for 110 Euro

6)Size S for 220 Euro

7) Size S for 216 Euro

8) Size XS for 18 Euro

9) Size M for 115 Euro


have a lovely day , xo Sarah.

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Fair Floral Dresses

März 10, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9. (from left to right, up to down)

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Cute Etsy Finds Just Because.

Februar 13, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I think Etsy can be a black hole. I could spend hours on their so today I want to show you some recent finds! I also prefer supporting small businesses always. 

1) I love a good crazy grandma item so this would be so much fun to wear while studying. 

2) I think Etsy is the best place for clay earrings. I love these and have a few myself. 

3) I need new bed sheets and I love burned orange!

4) They are so cute. Especially with Spring around the corner I can imagine them on a lovely wooden table with soft light falling on them.

5) Etsy also have amazing ceramics and these remind me of the beauty of the beast. 

6) I told you about this new vintage button trend right? This one is so chic, I ordered this one nevertheless.

7) I love a good Jumpsuit. This one is made out of linen which is very smooth on the skin in summer. 

8) I want to start film photography some day and this one would be my go to choice because..... yellow. 

9) I already linked a similar one in my love letters post but it needs more attention. Romantic Vibes forever. 


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7 min. Clean Day Make-up for busy mornings

Februar 11, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I really don't know why but ever since corona, I got really into Make-up. I've mentioned this a couple posts back but I can't emphasize enough how untypical this is for me. With that being said,  I still need a quick routine for mornings I have to wake up early and leave for the hospital. I have absolutely NO priority to wake up even earlier to go glamed up to a hospital which is definitely the wrong place to wear an overly done look. I want something I feel hydrated and comfortable in and this is definitely it.


This very simple but comfy look took me 7 min (no joke). Perfect for busy mornings. 


Like everyone , I start with my primer and blend it very well into my skin. I use the Bitebeauty primer and it gives my skin a nice and even look. 


Next up, I follow with my favorite foundation and a fluid bronzer. I like to have a moisturized glow , especially when I'm inside all day. 



A tiny bit of contouring ( we ain't got time for the big one). I love this concealer the most. 


This is my favorite Glow Up Set ever. I use it everyday. I add a bit on my cheeks, underbrow and upper lip and tap it into my skin. 


Let's focus on the eyes: I use the Honest Beauty Mascara for the ultimate whip, the Ilia eyeliner to make my eyes awake and the ilia brow brush to give my brows some life. 


I finish with my lips ( In corona times unnecessary). I line them with BiteBeauty Liners and add some gloss in the middle. 


-xo, Sarah. 

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(V) Red Velvet Cupcakes with my signature Frosting.

Februar 10, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I have a little tradition ever since I'm a little girl. Valentines day is not about romantic love in my opinion, it's about recognizing all the loved ones we have. So my mum always made dinner for us Kids and gifted us something  and when I got older I made cupcakes! I even sold them at my school with my friends in 12th grade and we had such a huge fight about it hahha( because some where forgotten in the car). This is now the infamous Cupcake Fight and we can't believe we had such bad blood because of it.  

Anywaaay, this is the vegan cupcake recipe I perfected and adore so I hope you will love it as much as I do! Make it for your parents, friends or just for yourself ( do we really need an excuse to make cupcakes? No.)

You will need: 

  1. 3/4 Cup Oat Milk
  2. 1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar 
  3. 1 cup flour
  4. 3/4 cup sugar
  5. 2 tbsp cacao
  6. 1/2 tsp Soda and Baking Powder 
  7. Vegan Food Color (red)
  8. 1/3 cup Coconut Oil
  9. 250g Vegan Cream Cheese
  10. 200g White Chocolate (vegan)
  11. 70g Vegan Butter
  12. 3 Drops Vanilla Extract 


  1. Mix Together the apple cider and Oat milk and let it sit for 5 min. This will be your vegan buttermilk. 
  2. Melt the coconut oil over medium heat. 



3. Mix the dry ingredients together (3-6 in the list). 


4. Mix the Wet and Dry ingredients together until smooth. Add as much red food color as you like! 


5. Bake at 175 C for 25 min. 

Meanwhile prepare your Frosting! Image00002

6. Melt your white chocolate over a water bath. Once melted, let I cool but it still has to be fluid!


7. Mix your butter until smooth, add the cream cheese and create a homogenous mass trough mixing. Add the white (cooled!) chocolate and the vanilla. 


They turned out perfect!


Add your frosting and cute little hearts ( they were also vegan :))


Hope you will like them!

-xo, Sarah.

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Love Letters Vol : Glam Up. Vol. 16

Februar 7, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


Hello Internet Friends! 

I hope you are doing well in all this madness! I honestly have to say that I'm getting better by the minute. Weirdly, dressing up really lifts my mood and I'm getting obsessed with 90's Glam Make -up styles. With that said....

  1. ... Here is the Tutorial I used for the look on the picture. She seems like someone I would be afraid of but  I am kind of obsessed with her nevertheless. 
  2. I am eyeing this Vintage Choker. Fits my current decade obsession. 
  3. Also: I need this liquid eye shadow in my life. Preferably in every shade, thank you.
  4. I feel like I need this mirror in my life. I don't know why. I just feel this on a deep aesthetic level. 
  5. Do you remember Gabriella from Desperate Housewives? I feel like this would be her type of shoe. 

So that's it so far. Very glamorous.

- xo Sarah. 

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Plans & Dreams for 2021.

Februar 4, 2021 by Sarah Moniri





Ah. I know. Some of you hate New Years Resolutions but you now what - they don't have to be big. They can be things like drinking more tea or listening to more music. You don't have to start a new company, publish a book or go to doctors beyond boarders. You do whatever you want to do. 

With that said I'm the kind of person that likes to dream big. Even if I only achieve 50% of that goal it's 50% more than I would have normally done. 


  • This year will be academic oriented so my major goal is to finish studying for the USMLE (board examination to work as a doctor for the U.S )
  • I have a big Exam in September and my Plan/Goal is to pass that. 
  • I have an ongoing challenge to only shop secondhand. Read all about it here
  • I want to get a tutor for learning Farsi. Found this website
  • I want to finish/redo all my E-courses. 
  • I want to educate myself more about Art, Music, Decades and Movies.
  • I want to learn more about Pinterest, make more boards etc. 
  • I will soon finish my 3rd and 4th year (of med school) after movie. 
  • I need a new morning routine. 
  • I want to set goals/ learn something new/ do something out of the ordinary every week. I liker to sit down every Sunday and just focus on the week to come. 
  • I booked an internship for July in San Diego. Fingers Crossed that Corona won't destroy my plan again. 
  • I might be getting a tiny tiny minimalistic tattoo.
  • Organize my Pictures until they are PERFECT. 



  • Travel with my Friends to Thailand in Summer
  • Publish my Book
  • Work more on my Blog
  • Pass the USMLE 
  • Party MORE. 
  • Travel to U.S with Leonie in April. 
  • Move with my friends together in October.
  • Get a pediatric dermatology internship.
  • Be happier again. 


-xo, Sarah. 




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Living Room Mini Makeover.

Februar 2, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I was eyeing these Movie Fan Art Prints for a long time already,  and since there was so much change happening my  lately I thought it would be healthy for me to make the switch. This is definitely something joyful  and the only thing I'm looking forward to in adulthood is designing my future home hehe. 


This couch had to endure many tea spill accidents ( I tried to clean it but nothing helped). So I covered is with this fake fur piece. I think this is a fun solution!


I chose movies which impacted me the most. I want to add to the collection once I'm done with med school but for now this is perfect. Mean Girls is just such an aesthetic vibe for me, Interstellar touches me on several deep layers(and the music - magic)  and the love in a star is born is simply beautiful. Stand by me is a soul movie and happens to be my favorite song. OMG CLUELESS, I'm obsesses and will always be.

The help stirred so many emotions in my inner core plus the aesthetic of this time is just blissful for me (NOT the injustice during these times tho!!). Hocus Pocus is my ultimate childhood memory and 10 things I hate about you is my favorite Teenie movie which I watched during my exchange in the U.S (felt really lonely there and somehow this movie brought me so much comfort and I still remember this so vividly). 

Harry words needed. 


Much love to all of you!

-xo , Sarah. 


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Love Letters : It's okay. Vol.15

Januar 31, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


After a long break of Love Letters, I'm bringing this format back. It's a cute way to sum up my weekly findings (not want to brag but they are pretty good). 

I honestly have to say that I am a bit overwhelmed with my whole current life situation.  Nothing dramatic but it's not easy to just swallow your feelings down and continue. So I'm allowing to feel them while being grateful with everything I have. 

So let's start!: 

  1. A mood lifter for me is definitely browsing trough Etsy and I'm in love with this new designer button necklaces. This is the one I would get if I would have money right now ha. 
  2. I want to try this recipe. Cooking during this time of the year can bring so much comfort and joy. 
  3. I'm in desperate need of house slippers. I feel like home wear got a whole remodel during 2020 and is so chic now As you know, I'm doing a second-hand challenge so it's a bit harder to find unused house slippers but I would get these if I wouldn't do this challenge.
  4. My favorite thing in this world right now is petitedoodles. Her mindset is a life saver for me right now. 
  5. I cant wait for To all the boys I loved before N.3!! It's my valentines day tradition :) 

That's it right now:) Hope you have a good one <3

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Clean Contouring Products I love.

Januar 30, 2021 by Sarah Moniri


I think Corona made me more fascinated with any kind of aesthetics. I'm longing for grandiose Ropes while listening to Lana Delray and reading trough 50's fashion books. It's weird how our personalities and interests shift during a pandemic. I guess I'm longing for a glamorous lifestyle after months of living in sweats. 

Another thing that started to interest me is Make-up. A reason for this is the show Euphoria and another one is again: the pandemic. I got really into colorful eyeshadow and  want to buy Halsey's new line aboutface! Ever since the beginning of Christmas I started to contour again! (last time was 2015 ha!) So I thought it would help you guys to show you my favorite clean Contour products: 

Ilia Highlighter Astrid - Liquid Gold! Love this for my cheeks, upper lip, chin and under eyebrows.

RMS Highlighter - This is good for precise work and I like to use that darker shade for the sides of my forehead. The texture and shimmer is also a huge plus. 

Ilia Bronzer - My newest purchase and I'm already involve! I use this Video for contouring and it's so useful for her technique. 

Tarte Powder Bronzer - I use this for blending my cheeks and it's still a clean product (not everything from tarte is clean!

Blush and Highlighter - Lily and Lolo is an amazing clean brand and their highlighter shimmers nicely in light.

Ilia Concelear - AHHHHHH! TH BEST! Omg, I can't get enough. Perfect texture and coverage. GET IT NOW! My shade is chicory( I prefer a lighter shade than my actual skin color)

This brush Set - Has all the brushes you will need and is eco friendly. 


Hope this helps! 

-xo Sarah.